8 Tips To Survive Christmas With Your Mother-In-Law

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8 Tips To Survive Christmas With Your Mother-In-Law

4. Avoid Relying On The Bottle

It’s amazing how many women fall back into the comforting arms of alcohol when their mother-in-laws get a little too much for them.

When you think about it, it’s not that surprising.

Alcohol is a simple way to take the edge off those stinging comments, and makes ignoring her so much easier. But beware you don’t drink too much. A few too many drinks might cause you to put your foot into something better left well alone.


5. Talk To Your Partner, But Don’t Make Him Take Sides


If you have problems with your mother-in-law, your partner should know about it. After all, it’s his mother and he knows her much better than you. Talk to him about the issues you’re having, and what solutions you might be able to work out. But we wouldn’t recommend asking him to take sides. Although he might act if your mother-in-law is being wildly inappropriate, anything less than that will probably just cause more friction if you demand action.

6. Take A Break When You Need It

You might be the host of your Christmas celebration, but that doesn’t mean you need to be around your mother-in-law all the time. If she’s being unbearable, take some time to just remove yourself from the situation. Maybe go for a walk with some of the children, or just move into another room. In big family gatherings people are usually spread all over the house, so make a point to be present in a room where she’s not.


7. Be Kind At Every Turn


If your mother-in-law really is the most vapid, horrible, critical woman you’ve ever come across, make it your mission to shower her with kindness. For every bad thing she does, continue your crusade of love, until she actually feels terrible for her own behaviours. Sure, it might never happen, but at least you’ll know that you’re taking the high road and nothing can get you up there.

8. Or Don’t

In the end, someone being family doesn’t excuse them for being emotionally mean and abusive to you despite your actions to the contrary. If you and your mother-in-law really don’t get along it might be time for you to take a stand, or change your behaviour. Your partner can still spend time with his mum, and there’s nothing stopping your kids from going for a visit. Reserve Christmas Day for your own family, and then allow them to do their own visits later. Maybe a strong move is what’s needed to get her back into line.


How do you manage Christmas with your mother-in-law?

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