5 Easy Homemade Christmas Decorations (Page 2)

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3. Paper Snowflakes

Making paper cut out snowflakes is great fun for older kids and look fantastic stuck on the walls. Take a square of Christmas wrapping paper, any size, fold in half and in half again, then two more folds on the diagonal so you end up with a wedge of paper. Proceed to cut out pieces on both sides and then when you open it all up, you will have a snow flake to hang on the wall. This looks great on mass and if you use various sized squares, you will end up with different sized snow flakes.

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4. Cardboard-Stained Glass Windows

An oldie but a goodie is the cardboard-stained glass windows. Cut Christmas shapes out of black card, like trees, bells, angels and then fill in the gaps with one or many coloured cellophane pieces.

A party hat angel is also a nice addition to the tree. Take a glittery cone-shaped party hat, a styrofoam ball, a pipe cleaner some eyes and hair and a paper doily. Push the peak of the cone into the foam ball, add the hair and eyestalks halo can be made from the pipe cleaner and inserted into the top of the head towards the back. Take the paper doily and cut in half, then cut side up, glue to the back of your angel so the doily sticks out at either side on the back to make wings.

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5. Pine Cone Bows

The picture in the post is a very simple homemade Christmas Tree decoration. The pine cone is spray painted silver, and a simple wire bow ($2 a roll from the cheap shops) added with some silver garland to tie to the tree. Total cost per decoration – about 10c!!!

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There are so many more options for homemade decorations and the beauty of it is you can add to it each year and enjoy yourselves while you are at it. They don’t cost a fortune so you can afford to remake the decorations every couple of years as they wear out.

What are your suggestions for homemade Christmas decorations?

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