Save the Date: Vaccinate

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Save the Date: Vaccinate

As parents it is our duty to do what is best for our children. We want to give them the best start. We want to choose the right foods, to pick the right school, to offer them the right books and activities. We want to do what’s best, no matter what. But what does this mean in terms of immunisation?

Immunisation is offered to babies and children to help protect them against vaccine-preventable diseases, including whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria and meningococcal infection. Young children, particularly babies, do not have the well-developed immune systems that older children and adults have and this is why vaccinations are so important. However, it is not just about getting them done whenever it’s getting them done at the right time, in line with the immunisation schedule.  


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For me, the decision to vaccinate was a simple one. There are so many things that can go wrong in the first years of your child’s life and I value the fact that vaccinations eliminate a few of the diseases they can get.  We cannot control all sicknesses but we can protect our children against some of them.

When my daughter was nine months old she developed very severe pneumonia after swallowing a bean bag bead (I know, I felt awful!  Please, no judgement). She was flown to Brisbane and operated on to remove the bead that caused her lungs to become infected. She wasn’t breathing on her own and I was beside myself. When my husband arrived at the hospital after driving all night to get to us, I literally collapsed in his arms and could barely breathe myself. Seeing my daughter attached to tubes, hardly able to make a sound, with swollen eyes and a needle in her arm was something I will never forget, even though I have tried. Even writing this now, I am in tears. It was the worst experience of my life.

And, as parents, we all have a story like this.

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When it comes to kids and illness, there are so many things we cannot control.  We cannot control hand, foot and mouth. We cannot control most colds.

But there are some things we can control. We can maximise their protection against whooping cough. And diphtheria. And mumps, measles and rubella. And the way to do this is so simple vaccinate.

Each vaccine plays an important role, so timely vaccination is the best way to protect your child. NSW Health considers a rate of 95% immunisation coverage necessary for the sustained control of vaccine-preventable diseases. However, the latest data (June 2014) received from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register states that the number of children fully immunised in NSW ranges from 90.1 to 92.3%. 

So how can we change this?

Timely vaccination is a great start.

NSW Health has released a free app as part of its campaign to educate parents on the importance of timely vaccinations. The ‘Save the Date’ phone app provides parents with a personalised schedule for each child, and sends a series of handy reminders when it’s time to schedule immunisation appointments. You can then call your Doctor or Nurse straight from the app. Learn more about the Save the Date app at www.immunisation.health.nsw.gov.au.


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This app is free, as are vaccinations, no matter how old your children are. It helps to ensure your children are getting vaccinated on time, reducing their risk of catching serious diseases, and helping to protect those around them.

Most vaccinations need to be given several times to build long lasting protection. This is why it is important for children to complete the full recommended schedule of vaccinations at the recommended times.  If your child has a minor cold or sniffle, it’s still it’s still ok to have them vaccinated. Not getting the full course of vaccinations can leave a child unprotected and still at risk of getting a serious vaccine-preventable disease.

Not once did I think twice about having my children vaccinated; however, every mum and dad have the right to decide what is best for their children and this post is not meant to be an attack on those who decide not to vaccinate.

But the harsh truth is that there are many diseases out there that can kill your children, especially young babies, who are most at risk as their immune systems are not developed enough to fight off these infections.

1 in 125 babies under the age of 6 months with whooping cough dies from Pneumonia or brain damage.

1 in 7 people who contract diphtheria will die. 1 in 7. This is crazy right?

1 in 10 people who contract meningococcal disease will die.

These numbers are terrifying. And they mostly affect small children.

The Save the Date app is so easy to use. Download it today and you are not only protecting your children, but also others around them. This is something we at Stay at Home Mum feel strongly about and something that all parents need to have on their phones. Comment below if you agree and if you have downloaded this app.

It’s so easy to do and will save you a world of worry down the road.


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