‘Keep it Fresh’ Launch

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‘Keep it Fresh’ Launch


Recently SAHM Jody and Nadine were treated to delicious breakfast made by International Top Chef and Restaurateur, Angelo Sosa as part of the “Keep it Fresh” launch in Sydney. Australians throw away 20% of the food they purchase each year, which equates to 1 in every 5 bags of groceries they buy which is why GLAD has recently launched their “Keep it Fresh” digital guide for every Australian household to help teach Australians how to protect and preserve our fresh, Aussie grown fruit and veg.


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“People want to cook fresh, nutritious and nourishing foods for the people they care about and also want to be able to save time and money, but aren’t quite sure how to navigate this,” says Sosa. The “Keep it Fresh” digital guide is an excellent way to learn more about maximizing nutrients and freshness in our foods and ultimately reducing our food waste.

You can download your free “Keep it Fresh” GLAD digital guide right here –> www.glad.com.au/keepitfresh 

Jody, Nadine and around twenty five other personalities were treated to a delicious breakfast made by Sosa at The Grounds restaurant in Alexandria. Carly & Tresne, our beautiful guest bloggers and sweethearts from My Kitchen Rules emceed the event and kept the crowd giggling between bites with their sassy and fresh antics. And Sosa was down to earth, funny and just a little bit spunky too. All in all it was a great morning packed with plenty of great information and paired with beautiful food such as fresh fruit salads, avocado salsa and a gorgeous egg dish. What more could you ask for?

Reducing Your Food Waste | Keep it Fresher for Longer with GLAD 

For more information on reducing your food waste, protecting your fruit and veg and keeping your food fresher for longer, be sure to check out the “Keep it Fresh” Digital Guide.

Also, be sure to check out our Fresh Pickings section which features plenty of different tips and videos on picking, preparing, protecting and cooking with fresh fruit and veg.

Our Food Waste Challenge can also help you reduce your food waste by around 30%. We’ve saved over $400 in six months simply by following the recipes, hints and tips.

And, finally, check out our Healthy Exercise section for more ways to keep your fruit and veg in shape.

To assist Australians in their mission for food protection, GLAD has recently launched their new cling wrap developed using innovative technology. This new cling has a 1.5 x tighter seal for longer lasting freshness, keeping out air and locking in freshness*. Storing food correctly means you can enjoy delicious summer fruits and vegetables for longer with Glad Cling Wrap sealing in up to 99%** more moisture on fruits such as avocados, watermelons and blueberries.

Thanks for the great morning and delicious breakfast!

*based on moisture loss data and visual appearance compared to no protection.
**Up to 1.5% (or 50%) improvement in GLAD cling film to GLAD cling film seal.




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