50 Signs You Were Raised As An Aussie Kid

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50 Signs You Were Raised As An Aussie Kid

You’ve had a weird suntan as a result of wearing zinc, slid on a black plastic home-made slip and slide.

You may or may not have obtained rock-related bruises on your butt or lost some skin as a result of sliding along the grass or hitting the fence at the end) and you’ve played spotlight with the neighbourhood kids.

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Are you an Aussie Kid?

You receive one point for each item that you can relate to”¦ GO!

1. At school you played handball, elastics or marbles

2. When you sang Advance Australia Fair you had to make up the 3rd line, something like ‘with golden soil and well for toil’

3. You recorded tapes off the radio and would sit there for hours waiting for your favourite song to come on

4. You were sometimes allowed to sit on a grown-up’s lap and steer the car

5. You played spotlight with the neighbourhood kids

6. When Kylie Minogue became a singer sometimes you’d call her Charlene and you knew her sister Danni from Young Talent Time

7. You did something completely ridiculous on a skateboard (you lose a point if you’ve been towed behind a car using a rope)

8. You played aussie cricket on the beach or kanga cricket on a picnic

9. You not only owned a pair on thongs, but you didn’t know why foreigners giggled when you told them you were wearing your thongs

10. You had water fights in the backyard with whatever materials you had at hand

11. You either shortened or lengthened your friend’s names, but rarely used their actual name

12. You ate sausages and veggies at least 3 nights a week for dinner

13. You watched Neighbours or Home and Away and had a loyalty to one or the other, and may or may not have discussed the merits of each with your friends

14. You rolled down sand dunes or slid down on some cardboard covered by a garbage bag

15. You walked to school or rode your bike to school from a very young age

16. When talking to foreigners, you pretended that it wasn’t a big deal to see a Kangaroo or a Koala, and encouraged their fear of poisonous snakes and spiders

17. You swore never to waste money on bottled water, then you did

18. You’ve swung on a tyre or rope over a creek

19. You’ve swung around on a hills hoist clothesline (you lose a point if you’ve tied a rope from the Hills Hoist to the second-floor window of a house and used it as a flying fox)

20. You found the steepest hill possible and skateboarded or roller skated down

21. You ate Weetbix for breakfast

22. You climbed trees may or may not have made ‘leaf bombs’ from those trees with tiny leaves

23. You’ve built some kind of treehouse or fort, even if it was only out of tarp in a hole

24. You’ve had a zinc suntan or a thong suntan

25. When someone on the TV mentioned a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you thought they actually put ‘real’ jelly on the sandwich

26. You’ve sang Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi

27. You’ve played Totem Tennis in the backyard

28. You wore trackie dacks, netball pants or bike shorts under your school dress to cover your underwear, and this made it ok to do handstands

29. You’ve had an argument with someone about whether they are called trackie dacks

30. You’ve had an argument with someone about swimwear and whether they are called cozzies, bathers, togs or swimmers

31. You’ve debated how to pronounce the word “castle”

32. You know what it means to say “straight to the pool room”.

33. You know the meaning of ‘It’s cactus’, ‘give it a burl’, ‘woop woop’ and ‘Deadset!

34. You’ve watched Agro’s Cartoon Connection

35. You played head down thumbs up at school

36. You know what it means when someone says (in a strange English sounding accent) “a dingo stole my baby!”

37. Kylie Mole accurately exposed to Australia how you spoke to your friends (it may or may not have been over exaggerated)

38. You spent some time contemplating why they choose to use 000 for emergency services when it would have been quicker to ‘dial’ 111

39. You learnt your North South East and West positioning as Never Eat Soggy Weet-Bix

40. You remember the aussie ad on TV with a lady saying “I’m a single mother with a dauta” and can accurately imitate her accent

41. You remember when the ABC used to switch off for the night and what that colourful black and white circle colourful looking thingy

42. You wanted a BMX after watching “BMX Bandits” or you had a bike with spokey dokeys

43. When you graduated from school you had your uniform signed by your mates

44. You’ve been sent home from school because it was too hot

45. World Expo 88, you can sing the catch line ‘toggeeettthhher we’ll show the woooorrrllld!’

46.You had at least one class at school in a demountable building with no air conditioning

50 Signs You Were Raised As An Aussie Kid | Stay At Home Mum

47. You owned a slip-and-slide or a home-made version made out of a tarp

48. You rewound 100 times to figure out what the song lyrics were

49. At some stage you slept with a wet towel on yourself with the fan on”¦ and may or may not have woken up with a sore throat

50. You’ve pronounced the name of our beautiful country as ‘Straya’ at some stage”¦ not as a joke.

How did you go? If you could relate to our list let us know your score plus anything we missed off the list!

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