The Funny Moment A Woman Insists George Clooney Did Her IVF Egg Retrieval

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The Funny Moment A Woman Insists George Clooney Did Her IVF Egg Retrieval

A woman was convinced that Hollywood actor George Clooney performed her IVF egg retrieval in a hilarious video that has since gone viral.

Emily Young immediately found the hilarity out of the post operation of her stepsister, Kayleigh, who insisted that George Clooney did her IVF egg retrieval, when she woke up after the procedure.

Ms Young then uploaded the video on Youtube, where Kayleigh, who can be seen lying in her hospital bed and still wearing her hair net, repeatedly mentioned the actor’s name and claiming he got 25 eggs.

“I want you all to know that I know what I saw, and I know that George Clooney did it. George Clooney did my retrieval, and he got 25 eggs,” she claimed.


George Clooney played Dr. Doug Ross on the TV series, ER, but he is not a medical professional by any means.

However, that didn’t stop Kayleigh from gushing about him flying in to perform the procedure. He also believes that his cameo during her third IVF retrieval is a sign of good luck.

“Because it was George, I just feel like it might work. I can’t believe they brought him in to do this surgery,” she said.

Each time someone in the background reminds her that she ‘got 25 eggs’ during the procedure, she is quick to credit George for the success. “I feel like it is because of George Clooney. I can’t believe he is here. Did you meet him?”

Then, a man in the background, who is presumably her husband, decided to go with the flow and answered that George is ‘a nice guy’.

Yet, while she looked so happy to have had an A-list celebrity retrieve her eggs, she seemed horrified when she realised George ‘saw’ her lady parts.

“I just can’t believe it. I saw him down there in my vagina. George saw my vagina. I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it,” she said.


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