Dogs Who Would Rather NotDogs in their most UNdogly moments!

If in another life I’m ever a dog, these will all be me.

What if one day your dog decides to play the lazy sloth? Chill out. Your dog just probably had those days when he would rather not be active because its overrated.

Let get real mums, we’ve all been there, when we just don’t wanna. Categorically, my kids act like these dogs, mostly on school days.

A video by The Dodo perfectly captures that feeling both humans and dogs alike can relate to. I wish I could I have one of those ramps in my staircase. Seriously, the dog on the treadmill is so ME! LOL.

If you’re having an awful day, you just might need to laugh it out.


We’ve found our spirit animals. LOL. 

Dogs have the right idea!

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