Kids Try To Dress Themselves For The First Time

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Kids Try To Dress Themselves For The First Time

Getting dressed is a skill kids need to learn and as first timers they can be hopelessly cute and messy. 

Several kids are having their first time to dress themselves up and we love how they came up with such innovative combinations. The brilliant team from WatchCut invited several kids and their parents  to film the much celebrated and cherished milestone- kids dress themselves for the first time. These kids are obviously having a hard time in finding their way out through the arm, leg and head holes.

Some kids were impressive in trying to dress themselves with a serious attention to details shown in great matching in clothing and accessories. A few tots needed some help from mum and her big sister to find the right kind of clothes and be able to get through the series of holes. You can’t help but smile as you watch these kids putting pants as hats. Lol.


This milestone is utterly funny but they made it! 

Do your toddlers have the same struggle? We can tell how amused you are! 

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