7 Logical Reasons To Grow Your Muff (Pubic Hair) Out

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7 Logical Reasons To Grow Your Muff (Pubic Hair) Out

In the last few decades, despite the unavoidable nature of our bodies producing hair in our genital regions, it’s become very uncool to have pubic hair.

At some point, having pubic hair was seen as dirty, smelly, yucky, and embarrassing.

To be honest, we aren’t really sure how that happened, but we know damn well that ain’t nobody going to pressure us to do anything, especially when it comes to what we decide to do with our public hair. So we thought we’d share a little bit of muff love. That is, we want you to know why your downstairs carpet is actually something to love not to shave.

Buckle up ladies, and tuck in those flyaways, because here we go!

1. Pubic Hair is There For A Reason

Nature doesn’t mess around in the design of anything. When it comes to the human body, things are in certain places for a reason, and our pubic hair is no exception. The vagina is a pretty delicate thing, made from a mucus membrane that is a lot more fragile than the rest of the skin in the body.

So pubic hair serves a pretty important purpose in terms of protecting your genitals. For one, and this is just one, the hair stops your vaginal folds from sticking together, something that results in nasty rashes and infections.

2. Hair Protects Us From STDs (And More)

STDs are spread through skin-to-skin contact. Well, in the world of STD avoidance, pubic hair is just one more barrier that those STDs have to go through. The reason that it’s smart to keep your bush is that when you remove the pubic hair, you leave microscopic tears all over your vaginal skin. You might not be able to see them, but all hair removal techniques result in some kind of damage like this.

These tears represent a highway direct to the vagina, leaving you at risk of HPV, HIV and other skin viruses. Women without pubic hair are also more likely to contract cellulitis and staph infections.

But seriously – still wear a condom.

3. No More Razor Burn

Many women choose to shave downstairs to remove the hair. Often, this is the only option apart from waxing that suits all skin types, and even if you aren’t running the blade on the entire surface, there’s a good chance you’re shaving your ‘bikini line’. The ironic thing is while we shave the bikini line to get rid of hair and make the area smooth, we’re more often than not replacing the normal hair with little pink bumps we call razor burn.

This is really uncomfortable, and can easily be infected. Another thing best avoided.

4. Say Goodbye To Ingrowns, Folliculitis and Itchy Vag

After the razor burn has come and gone, you have to deal with the natural progression of hair removal, which is that pubic hair growing back. Growing back pubic hair, for any number of reasons we assume, is itchy as well and super uncomfortable. You have to figure out a way to give the lady parts a good scratch without people noticing, and judging you anew.

Then there’s the trauma that comes with ingrown hairs, those enormous bag pimples that make underwear feel like torture and can easily amp themselves up to folliculitis, which is just terrible.

5. That Bush Cushion is Your Playhouse

Now that we’ve covered why it’s better we don’t remove pubic hair, let’s take a moment to review just why pubic hair is so great. As it turns out, that soft springy hair really is a cushion and one that you’re going to be grateful as hell for when it comes to sex.

Why? Well as we already know, the vagina is delicate, but the same cannot be said for sex. There’s a lot of bumping and grinding involved, which our lady parts definitely aren’t keen on. Having more hair means that when all is said and done, you won’t be feeling red and raw.

6. Hairy Ladies Get Less Bacterial Infections and UTIs

The lady muff is a great cushion, but it’s also a super awesome net. By that we mean, it serves as a catchment area for bacteria that will really mess with your vagina. This means you’re less likely to suffer from bacterial vaginosis, which is painfully uncomfortable and definitely a hassle you don’t need, or a UTI.

Most women are familiar with UTIs, and tend to suffer with them more than once in their lives. If there was a way to avoid getting them, wouldn’t you take it? We know we would!

7. Keeping The Bush Is A Money-Saver

Just think for a minute about all the money that goes into maintaining a fully landscaped vagina to keep up with society’s standards.

First, you have the cost of waxing appointments, which have to be done pretty regularly. Then you’ve got the razors, the creams and all the other associated items which, over the course of your lifetime, starts to really add up. On top of all of that, you have the ‘pink tax’, a proven phenomenon where women pay more for the female version of various items, like razors.

In fact, Forbes estimated that the cost of the pink tax adds up to almost $1,400 a year extra spent by women compared to men on the same products because of gendered pricing. Worth avoiding, we reckon.

Apart from all of these reasons, not shaving, waxing, or plucking your downstairs could make you feel more like a sexy, grown-ass woman. Let’s face it, ladies, those smooth parts are for porn stars and pre-pubescent girls, and you don’t fit into either of those categories.

We aren’t saying you need to make your refusal to landscape a feminist statement, but you certainly shouldn’t feel ashamed of it.

At the end of the day, having a full bush represents your body in its natural state, and why should someone who isn’t you be allowed to tell you that that’s not ‘right’ or ‘sexy’ or ‘appropriate’. If you want to trim, shave, wax and pluck, that’s up to you. But if you don’t, there’s nobody making you.

Let that muff jungle grow!

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