9 Hacks to Eliminate Household OdoursWhat to Do with That Stinky Smell

Walking into the house after returning from the market, I was slapped in the face with some funky odour that curled my upper lip, brought a tear to my eye and made me vomit a little in my mouth.

I asked my husband what that smell was! It was reminiscent of fart and toe jam all rolled into one. I’d literally been gone 45 minutes. Apparently, he’d been cooking eggs and there was a ripe nappy in the bin. Retch.

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On the de-stench war path, rather than just masking the smell with an ineffective spray, I enlisted some of these natural hacks to eliminate my household odours.

1. Open The Doors And Windows

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Obvious but effective. There’s nothing quite like a bit of fresh air to blow that stink right out the back door — with a good drenching of natural sunlight to kill off some malodorous nasties.

2. Bicarb Soda

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With 101 or more uses around the home, bicarb soda is famous for its odour-neutralising properties. Sprinkle it in stinky socks and shoes, on carpets before vacuuming, on cat litter trays, on sink drains and followed by hot water, or pop a bowl of it in the bottom of the fridge to remove bad smells. Bicarb is also great for reusable coffee thermoses and refillable water bottles.

3. Vinegar

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Coupled with bicarb, vinegar is virtually unstoppable against odours. Dead mouse behind the fridge? No worries! Remove the carcass and spray down with vinegar.

To remove urine smells from mattresses after unfortunate accidents, spray with vinegar then sprinkle with bicarb. Allow to dry fully before brushing with a stiff brush and vacuuming off.

Soak your dish sponge in vinegar and dry in the full sun to extend its life and kill the kitchen cooties.

Food smells in your plastic containers and chopping boards? Soak in vinegar before washing should get that right out.

Adding vinegar to a spray bottle and spraying on anything a bit whiffy will also do the trick. Spot test first.

Run a cup of vinegar through a dishwasher cycle to keep it fresh.

4. Oats

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The humble rolled oat is more than a great source of fibre. A bowl of uncooked oats will help soak up a wayward stench.

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