10 Nifty Ways You Can Be More Environmentally Friendly At Home

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10 Nifty Ways You Can Be More Environmentally Friendly At Home

Life has become so much easier with technology but if abused, it will never be easy for the environment.

Technology has helped humans in every aspect that it’s difficult to live without it. But decades of using it has taken its toll on the environment. So if we want our planet to live a hundred more years or so, the time to go green is now — and it starts at home.

Here at SAHM, we’ve always loved going frugal in almost everything we do — not only it helps us save money, it also makes our environment smile. So here are some tips we gathered on how to make your homes environmentally friendly.

1. Invest in waste-free lunch boxes for the kids.

Waste-free lunch boxes are the bee’s knees! Instead of using packaging, glad wrap, sandwich bags etc. to keep your kiddies’ lunch all in check, maybe try investing in a waste-free lunch box. These are actually a great way to reduce waste, they keep food fresh and separated in their own compartments so food doesn’t get all mixed together.

Our Pick: Go green Lunch Boxes from Biome

go green lunch box pacman | Stay at Home

2. Try natural deodorant.

I don’t see why not? It does the same job by masking body odour yet it’s healthier for you and the environment! Natural deodorant is made from plants, minerals and aluminium chlorohydrate, and can have different types of fragrances for personal preference.

Our Pick: Black Chicken Bi-Carb Free Deodorant Paste

variant 1025368 | Stay at Home

3. Invest in good water bottles (and stop buying bottled water!).

Ahhhh the difference between having a good water bottle and a crappy water bottle can make all the difference in taste. Glass or aluminium bottles that are toxin-free and BPA-free are so much better for your health and the environment! They are definitely worth investing into instead of using disposable plastic bottles which have such a negative impact on the environment and your body.

Our Pick: These stainless steel bottles from S’well

s well insulated stainless steel water bottle 260ml silver lining | Stay at Home

4. Consolidate car trips.

Making all your car trips in one or two gos is not only good for the hip pocket and the environment, but it is also good to give you more time! Plan your week in advance, and try and schedule any side-trips when you are doing the school run or when you have an appointment. Alternatives to using the car at all is better again! Think about walking to work, biking or carpooling with colleagues or even taking public transport not only to work but travel in general. Any way to cut down using the car is good!

istock 182471737 | Stay at Home

5. Start composting.

I love using a compost box! Use a container, drum or whatever you like best, we all have scraps left over every now and then like potato skins and icky bits of carrots. By having a compost, you can transform all the leftover bits and pieces for your garden or even for chicken food (chickens are the best kind of composts). Instead of scraping these into the bin, using a compost can really help with the environment, so have a green thumb and grab a compost!

Our Pick:  Grab a 16 litre Urban Composter

urban composter bokashi bucket | Stay at Home

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