4 Easy Methods To Fix a Burnt Saucepan

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We’ve all been there, we’ve all done it. It just takes a minute or two of distraction (usually children) and we forget about the saucepan on the stove.  

What’s left isn’t pretty, stinks the whole house out and is nasty to clean. This is a kitchen battle between mums and stubborn scorched pans that most dads couldn’t even comprehend why scrubbing takes hours to finish. Yeah, thanks to all the in-between cooking demands of lost socks and sibling fights over breakfast, your pots are burned to death!

Save yourself from scrubbing Mums, we got what exactly you need. Here are 4 easy methods to try to salvage your precious pots!

Method 1

1.  Let the pot or saucepan or frying pan cool down to room temperature. You don’t want to burn yourself!

2.  Try and scrape out as much of the charcoal and burnt food as you possibly can. Use a very slightly damp cloth to to wipe away what you can.

3.  Pour into the pot enough white vinegar to cover the burnt mess. A cup or two is usually plenty.

4.  Place the pot on the heat and boil the vinegar vigorously for about seven minutes. Turn off the heat and allow the vinegar to slowly cool.

5.  Grab a scourer, add a teaspoon of washing up liquid and gently wipe the burned bits away. The washing up liquid is great to cut through any remaining grease.

6.  Wash the pan as normal.

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Method 2

1.  Scrape out as much burnt mess as you can (as in method 1)

2.  Half fill the burnt saucepan with boiling water – straight from the kettle. Add three tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda and mix until well combined.

3.  Let the pan sit with the bicarb and water mix for 24 hours.

4.  Discard the liquid and wash as normal.

Method 3

1. Place the saucepan in the freezer (mess and all) overnight. When the burned food and mess becomes frozen, it is much easier to remove.

2. Remove the mess and wash as normal.

Method 4

1.  Let your husband clean it or….

2.  Buy a new one!

Most of these solutions can be found in your kitchen, so cleaning your pans immediately helps removal of scorched stains easier. Just follow the simple steps on whatever method works best to fix a burnt saucepan. By the way, we have not found any cure for forgetfulness yet so this is the best trick we could think of in saving yourself from kitchen mess insanity. 🙂

Which method works best for your saucepans?

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