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Space bags are a marvelous invention!

It lets us hoard stuff that we probably don’t need in a neat and organised fashion. Shrinking to half their size with just the suction from your vacuum, they are a useful storage item all over the home.

10 Handy Uses For Space Bags

Here are ten uses for them we love.

1. Bedding


The most popular use for space bags would be have to be storing winter blankets and doonas in them when they are not required.

2. Clothing


Storing clothes, whether it be the winter jackets or the “I am sure I will get back into these” clothes. Also, most importantly, the kids’ clothes that they have outgrown so you can store them for next in line or until you can find a willing person to palm them off to.

3. Travel


You can fit more of those wonderful purchases in your suitcase when you can squash all the air out. Perfect for a shopping trip to the USA.


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