10 Reasons Why Olly Murs is Everybody’s Guilty Pleasure

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10 Reasons Why Olly Murs is Everybody’s Guilty Pleasure

Olly Murs is proving the world he’s not your average reality star. 

He just turned the tides when he became X Factor’s successful runner up. This 31-year-old English singer has been making girls fall in love again with his unique singing styling and his irresistible teasing and flirting personality.

Let’s dig in the facts what makes this Dear Darlin singer a Troublemaker for all the girls, single or not, aside from his hot bod and incredible singing voice.


1. He maybe the second choice but definitely he’s the best 

Olly Murs proves that not all losers will soon be forgotten.  His fame began when he became a runner up in X Factor 2009. In fact, he became more famous than the season’s winner, Joe McElderry (Who the hell is this guy?).


2. It isn’t obvious but he’s short

He’s a short for a guy with 5’9 in height-  the same height with Justin Bieber.

Sexiness is all that matters, baby!13


3. He’s outrageous and flirtatious 

Even during the X factor days, Olly Murs has been playing Mr. Suave to some of his female rivals. He’s been rumored having a one night stand with Stacey Solomon, Carmela Rinaldo and Laura Henderson to name a few.


4. Budding Bromance with Robbie Williams

The two shared the stage together when they sang Angels in X Factor from then on, the blossoming bromance begins.

He went to Robbie’s Take the Crown stadium tour to show his support  and these two even crooned the Jungle Book song  I Wanna Be Like You in Robbie’s album.

That affection is obvious in this photo…LOL


5.  He’s got a twin brother

Olly said in Hello Magazine : “It was in 2009, it was while I was on The X Factor, it was just a family thing. Unfortunately I couldn’t make his wedding so we had a bit of a falling out.” The singer hopes to be reconciled with his brother, Ben.


6. The Gentle Charmer

This hot guy has been constantly asked about his X factor co-presenter, Caroline Flack after her break up with his long-term girlfriend Francesca Thomas.258618_big

“Say me and Caroline slept with each other, then we had an argument but still had to work together. How would that work?..There’d be friction and we’d lose that flirtatious thing, that chemistry” Olly said in Hello mag.Certainly, my kind of guy


7. A Plumber’s Salary 


The English singer used to work as a customer advisor in Kent giving advise to people about money.

Even if he already made millions from his smashed hit albums, tour and centrefold ads, Olly remains to be a prudent man through and through. He revealed in TFM that he pays himself a “plumbers” salary.

Olly told Daily Mirror: “I look forward to being able to pay my bills each month and having a little bit left over to spend. But I’m not really into extravagant buying, I’m not that kind of person.”

8. World record holder for tea making

Olly and campaigner Alex Loughlin wowed the world by setting a new record for most cup of teas made in an hour. Both have stage a record of 496 cups of tea in 1 hour.



9. He lives with his parents until 2012

During his X Factor days, this gentleman was living with his parents, Vicki and Pete in Essex.  Right now, the singer resides in his own home in Toot Hill, England.


10. He’s just too good in pretending

Olly Murrs and Demi Lovato pretends to be lovers in their recent hit Up released in 2014.


We wish to see more of this hot and flirty crooner! 

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