Finding Treasure In Your Own Home to Sell

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Finding Treasure In Your Own Home to Sell

Clutter! It drives me crazy and I feel like I am forever at war with it in my house. But in the midst of all the decluttering, it is important to keep an eagle eye out for random things lying around that might actually have a lot of value. You might be really surprised to find that things you’ve been keeping ‘just because’ are now worth a pretty penny, and if that’s the case, it might be time to clean up, sell up and take off on a family holiday or sneak off on a shopping trip!

Costume Jewellery

Though not necessarily the ‘real deal’, costume jewellery has its value, especially if its vintage. So before you do anything with any nice costume jewellery you have lying around, get it checked out by an antique dealer or do your own research online if you can find stamps or branding.

Vintage Vinyl and classic CD’s

Some old, rare, hard to find vinyl and CD’s may be worth thousands of dollars, so before you put all your vinyl out for a garage sale at 50 cents a pop, do some research and make sure you’re not selling a gold mine for the price of water.

Classic books and comics 

Books gain value over time and first, early or out-of-print editions may be worth an astounding amount even if not in perfect condition. Classic children’s books are particularly highly valued. Comics in mint condition are like books; you want them to be rare and first edition.

Old magazines and advertisements

Got a box full of old magazines in your garage? There may be a collector out there who wants them and is willing to pay you decent dollars for them. Time Magazine has certain issues that are worth a small fortune and don’t ignore hubby’s collection either; some old playboy magazines are worth a lot too.

Coffee table books

How many years have you had that full colour book of incredible photography of some magical place warming your coffee table?. You might be surprised how much some of these books are worth now second hand.

Old video game consoles and electronics

Depending on age, rarity and condition, some game consoles, games, computers, electronic toys and first of their kind type electronics are worth lots of money if sold to the right person.Treasure In Your Own Home


Heaps of us collected stamps as kids and I bet there are lots of you who have still got your stamp collection, I know I have! Maybe its time to pull it out, do a bit of research and see if any of it is worth good money. I might be surprised, as might you, if you check out your hidden collection.


Another thing a lot of us probably collected as kids that could now be worth big bucks. Do your research before considering trying to feed them into a vending machine.

Old Toys

Toys from the 90’s are really hot right now and worth quite a bit for the right piece. Cabbage Patch Dolls from the 80’s and 90’s are worth a small fortune to the right people and 90’s Gameboy’s are worth a nice dollar in mint condition too.

Collectible Cards

If you have collectable cards stashed in the top of a wardrobe somewhere, consider pulling them out for a quick look. Whether it’s the old ones you or your partner collected as kids, or the ones your now teenager collected when they were little, they might be worth a lot more than you think! Original Pokemon and vintage baseball are two examples of card collections that could pay for a holiday.

Discount Designer Fashion

Some discount stores like Target occasionally do collaboration with a big designer on a line of clothes. Years later these clothes, which were sold at a discount through Target, are now worth what the price tag would have been having they been sold by the designer. This one takes a bit of research, but if you’re selling old clothes to buy new ones, no one can complain right? Isn’t that just recycling?

Classic exercise videos

Believe it or not, some of those good old Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons videos from the lycra/g-string/leotard days are worth 2 or 3 times what they used to be if you can find a collector. It’s a case of rarity; if it’s hard to find its worth more.

Have you got any of these random objects lying around your house? Are you going to have them checked out after reading this? We would love to hear about any great finds our readers have! Or maybe you’ve had a great find in the past?

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