14 Ridiculously Cute Hats for Cats

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14 Ridiculously Cute Hats for Cats

No, I don’t own a cat.

I think they are horrible creatures that are snooty and have really itchy fur.  But even this cat hater had tears of laughter seeing these hats – on cats…

Adorable overload. Here are 14 ridiculously cute hats for cats!

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Handmade Crochet Christmas Santa Hat Beanie  fits cats and image 1

1. The Cat Sombrero

This kitty sombrero was designed to be both cute and comfortable. Unlike most sombreros, this hat was designed specifically for your smaller four-legged friends, including earholes for comfort. It would make a perfect Cinco de Mayo accessory, or even just a fun taco Tuesday / everyday photo prop for your cat or miniature dog.


The Cat Sombrero Ridiculously Cute Hats for Cats | Stay at Home Mum

2. The Cat Hats Beanie

Cute accessories for male cats can be hard to find. Designed with that in mind, these pom pom / beanie style hats make a fun winter accessory for your tom.

The Cat Beanie | Stay at Home Mum

3. The Graduation Cat Cap

Vitamin C is playing on your school’s stereo. Your cat has worked hard to get where your cat is. Cat exams and Cat homework, your Cat was the first cat to graduate in the family. Hey, congratulations. Using the elastic strap, have your Cat walk across the stage in confidence.

The Graduation Cat Cap | Stay at Home Mum

4. The Ear Cat Hats Beanie

Multicoloured ears covering hat for Sphynx or Cornishrex cats. Also fits for small dogs. Cold be done with or without ears.

The Ear Beanie Hat for Cats | Stay at Home Mum

5. The Valentines Cat Hats

Show your smaller four-legged friends some love with these adorable valentine’s day themed hats. These colourful little pom pom hats were designed to fit cats, kittens, and extra small dog breeds. Each hat has two ear holes, ear flaps with straps, and an applique heart is sewn on the front. They would make adorable valentine’s day or year-round photo props.

The Valentines Cat Beanie | Stay at Home Mum

6. The Cat in the Hat — Hats for Cats

Make your cat THE cat in a hat. Delightful whimsical cat hat just like the character wears!  Hat ties under chin. Fits all average size cats.

  • Shipped from The United States
The Cat in the Hat Hat | Stay at Home Mum

7. The Sherlock Cat Hats

This version of the famous Sherlock Holmes hat is just what your cat (or dog) needs to wear, during the quests for clues needed to put together for the mystery puzzle they are concerned with. The deerstalker hat is designed primarily for cats to be lightweight and easily tolerated but it can be worn by small size dogs, chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, etc).

The Sherlock Cat Hat | Stay at Home Mum

8. The Propeller Cat Hats

Propeller hat! Colourful wedges and wood beads, topped by a golden metallic power-driven shaft with radiating blades! This will aid your kitty in his/her flying endeavours. Or it will just add even more adorability to his/her look.

The Helicopter Cat Hat | Stay at Home Mum

9. The Cat Baking Hat

  • Ships from Australia
  • Price: AU$40.00

Now you can bake up a storm in the kitchen with your kitty cat. Totally ridiculous… ridiculously cute – if you are looking for a hat for your cat – this one is pretty damn adorable.

Mixy Mix Lil Chef Hat  Cat Baking Hat  Pet Dress Up or image 1

10. The Cat Lion’s Mane

It’s a jungle out there, and most of us have only dreamt of what it might be to be king of the jungle. The Jungle King lion hat allows our 4 legged on and onlys to live the dream, and rule the other animals in that jungle we call home. Secured with an adjustable velcro collar, made of plush caramel fur lined with satin, Jungle King will turn any pet into a born ruler.

The Cat Lion's Mane | Stay at Home Mum

11. Hats for Cats Christmas Tree Beanie

  • Ships from The United Kingdom
  • Price: AU$33.26

Get your kitty kat a Christmas Beanie from Santa this year.

Christmas Tree Cat Hat Festive Hat for Cats Novelty Hat Cat image 1

12.  The Indiana Jones Cowboy Cat Hats

Your cat can be as hot as Harrison Ford in this delightful little brown cowboy hat.  Look – look at him!

Indiana Jones Cat Cowboy Hat | Stay at Home Mum

13. Curlers for Cats

Cats can look their most fabulous selves too.  Have a night in with your kitty cat and make yourselves gorgeous!

  • Ships from The United States
Curlers for Cats | Stay at Home Mum

14. The Chicken Hat for Cats

They say that you are what you eat, so why not let kitty wear his favourite food on his head!

Chicken Hat for Cats | Stay at Home Mum

Aren’t these hats for cats so freaking adorable!

14 Ridiculously Cute Hats for Cats Pinnable

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