18 Reasons Why Kids Don’t Need Pets

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18 Reasons Why Kids Don’t Need Pets

Whoever said that ‘a house is not a home without a pet’ is a big, fat liar!

Pets are the most wanted felon with all their mess and heinous crimes against hygiene. Nope, I would go against your decision of getting your kid a pet. You might be surprised why the sudden change of views about pets.

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Yes, pets are furry, cute, funny, and cuddly; but that’s just a disguise. Are you really ready to get used to all the severe cleaning of their odours, stains and poops all over the house? Are you ready to keep up with their appetite, their energy and lavish grooming that could break a bank?

Some people believe owning a pet can improve your child’s life, they probably mean the messy part of it. How can pets teach my kids to be responsible and loving by just being that adorable, cute and cuddly creature? Ok let’s stop! Before I succumb to their cuteness… (wink, wink)!

We’re digging 18 reasons why getting a pet for your kids may not be a great idea.

1. They constantly disrupt your kid’s nap time.

2. They steal your heart first, and then they steal your bed.

3.They steal your kid’s clothes.

4.They are the instigator of disgusting things like…

The kissing. So unhygienic!

5. That nose licking doesn’t mean they are nice.

They’re trying to taste you before they gobble you up for breakfast.

6. Licking means he’s lapping up those cookie crumbs on your kid’s face.

7. Cuddling is a major issue they’ll sue you for.

8.They’re boring playmates…

9. Don’t be deceived by those eyes.They aren’t selfless or caring at all…

10. They can accidentally injure a stranger because of their hostility…

11. Hush! They can’t keep a secret

12. They are demanding, selfish and hungry creatures that don’t want to share their meal.

13. They’re too big and they might run over your poor child.

..or scratch them because they’re really that aggressive.

14. They teach kids to be mean and incapable of loving.

15. They will be your child’s nemesis in all things.

16. Besides, kids are too busy to spend time with them.

17. You’ll soon realise having a pet will make your kids irresponsible adults.


18. After all, pets and kids are total mismatch from the start!

Have you figured out the reasons why your kids don’t need pets? I’m glad I did. But when I told my kids about them, guess what they had to say:

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I guess pets are here to stay for good. I’m loving every bit of them! When a pet is in your life, there is always a good reason to laugh. They do leave paw prints on your heart and make incredible memories with your kids.

Now I can definitely say, a house is not a home without a pet!

18 Reasons Why Your Kids Don't Need Pets

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