Ten Uses For Rubber BandsThey aren't just for flicking people!

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I’ve always had rubber bands lying around in the glove compartment of the car and in the ‘second drawer of doom’ in the kitchen.



Besides the use of them for flicking things at siblings, here are 10 other useful ideas for the common rubber band:

1) Holding Things Together


Rubber bands are perfect for keeping together those pesky items like bamboo skewers, stray teaspoons, pens, pencils, index cards…the list goes on!

2) Sports Glasses

sports glasses

If any of you have to wear glasses and play sports, you’ll know how annoying it is to have your glasses fall off. Simply cut a rubber band in half and attach each end to each arm. If you have made it tight enough, the glasses will cling nicely to your head without pinching. When the game is over, just cut it off and throw away. You can do the same for your sunnies!

3) Get a Grip


Wrap 5-10 rubber bands around the object and you’ve got yourself an instant hand grip!

4) Rub It Out!


They are made of rubber, so why not use them accordingly? Bundle a heap of rubber bands together to make a ball and you’ve got yourself a sturdy eraser.

5) Candle Dewobbler

Is your lovely candle wobbling in the candle holder? Just put a rubber band around the base and it will fit nice and snug.

6) Soap Dispenser


Wasting precious soap, detergent or lotion? Wrap a rubber band tightly around the neck of the dispensing pump to limit the amount of each squirt.

7) Lid Gripper

rubber bands

Wrap a thick rubber band around the rim of a jar lid and then twist.

8) Secure Your Bed Slats


Got a few loose slats under the mattress? Just wrap a few rubber bands around the ends to make them more secure.

9) Paintbrush Scraper


Wrap a rubber band around the can from top to bottom, going across the middle of the can opening. Now, you can just tap the brush against the rubber band and the excess paint will fall back into the can.

10) Keep Your Apples Fresh


If you slice an apple into wedges and then put them all back together, a rubber band wrapped around the apple will hold it all together and stop the wedges from yellowing or drying out.

What other uses of rubber bands do you know of?

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