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10 Awesome Nerf Gun Games To Play With The Whole FamilyNerf Guns are very suitable for all ages!

With names like the Rampage, the Retaliator and the Vortex Nitron, it’s no wonder Nerf guns continue to be an in-demand toy for kids of all ages (even the big ones).


With so many families hosting at least one Nerf gun at home, here are 10 fun games you can play together these holidays:

10 Awesome Nerf Gun Games To Play With The Whole Family (1)

1. Tin Can Challenge

Set up some empty cans, bottles or anything else you can summon on a table a few meters away and line up the shooters ready to knock them down. With older kids, you could make up coloured stickers or markers for each target to give them different points and see who can score the highest in each round.

2. Play Nerf Capture the Flag

Deck two teams out with arm bands or something of the same colour and give them a flag or some kind of treasure that they have to protect. Place the item at opposite ends of the house or the yard and let them go for it. It’s, even more, fun if you can hide the treasure from the opposing team so that not only do they have to find it and capture it without being shot, but they won’t have a clear idea of where to look! Players who are shot can either be sat out, or have to go back to their home base and start again.

3. Shoot The Sightword

This works on word recognition, aim and fun all at once! You can set this up similar to the tin can challenge, but place sightwords you might be learning in school in front of the targets.  Bonus points for being able to both shoot and say which word you have hit. This is an interesting and engaging way to get the homework done!

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