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Novatel Twin Waters Double Books Room Mid-Thrust - Stay at Home Mum

Novatel Twin Waters Double Books Room Mid-Thrust

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Novatel Twin Waters Double Books Room Mid-Thrust

Novatel Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast is in a bit of pickle, when it recently double-booked a hotel room that was already occupied with a couple on a weekend away without their four children. The couple were taking full advantage of their privacy when mid-thrust, another patron walked into the room, a full witness to the couple’s naked glory.

But it’s how Novatel Twin Waters handled this that is the embarrassing part.

When the couple and patron tried to speak with management over the issue, they didn’t answer their phones or return any callbacks from the room.

So the couple headed down to reception (hastily dressed) to see what was happening with the double-booked room, and the lack of privacy.

Couple Forced to Complain in Public Area Half Dressed

The couple who were not decently dressed wanted a private area to speak to management about the intrusion. They demanded privacy as the woman was only wearing a skimpy cardigan over her breasts as she had no privacy in the room to change.

But the Novatel Twin Waters Manager refused to take the couple to a private room or area, and instead pulled up a few chairs in the publically exposed lobby.

The woman’s husband decided to go back up to the hotel room to find more clothing for his exposed wife, but found his hotel room key no longer worked, as the new patron’s card had overridden his. So the couple had no choice but to be stuck in their smalls.

The couple pleaded to be taken somewhere private to be away from prying eyes, the most convenient place being the nearby conference room. However, the Manager said as the conference room was ‘Dressed’ they weren’t allowed to enter.

So the Conference Room was dressed and behind closed doors, but this couple was undressed in the foyer…

The hotel did finally let the woman’s husband back into his room to get his wife a shirt, and after a lot of yelling, the couple were finally given some privacy in the conference room, but not before the manager barked at the woman to cover herself.

I’m Never Having Sex in a Hotel Room Again!

The couple made a complaint to Senior Management about how they were treated by the Manager, and how she was exposed both in the privacy of her own hotel room and for 20 minutes in the lobby.

A Senior Manager sat down with the couple and asked them how they could make it up to the couple and ‘make it go away’. They offered the couple a free weekend at the resort with the kids, but no apology for what happened.

The woman involved in this incident obviously feels violated by the intrusion and humiliated by how she was treated by staff.

The Novatel Twin Waters has had some terrible customer reviews in the last few years and stories like these certainly don’t add to their reputation. Especially when it comes to communication problems between unhappy clients and the staff.

We have invited Novatel Twin Waters to comment on this incident but as yet have had no response.

Fail On All Fronts

“Don’t try to contact or speak to them – they will ignore you. Unfortunately for us we flew in for a wedding and were committed on arrival to attending function. The front of the resorts makes you think wow, but wait until you hit the suites (that’s what we booked) epic fail out of date, noisy aircon, no room phone, kitchen tired and worn, ‘1990’s wanna be’, aircon set at 21 and unable to reduce, requested fan and it was filthy. Room change due to noisy aircon was provided – 2nd room faired no better.

On check out spoke to reception who acknowledged that we were placed in the un-refurbished side – lovely – the rate did not reflect refurbished or not! – I think that was the side the All Blacks were staying in, lucky them. The gent at reception was not interested in idle chat (ie and I was dismissed as there was something more important on the computer). Disgruntled yes all I wanted was acknowledgement and a sincere apology.”

Via Trip Advisor

Worst Experience, Horrible Service, Terrible Room

“Absolutely shocking service. Paid almost 2k for a luxury bungalow only to arrive and find the windows covered in bird crap, we were not able to use the balcony as there were birds nesting which meant if you wanted to enjoy the balcony you were being swooped.
We booked as part of a wedding which was mentioned at the time of the booking however the discount was not applied when questioned they told me they would follow up on the Monday after i had left only to have to wait until i called on Thursday to be told they weren’t able to give the wedding discount. The staff were rude, unhelpful & unwilling to listen to any feedback. I understand these are very trying times for everyone however the price tag absolutely did NOT match the service or accommodation supplied.”

Via Trip Advisor
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