10 Best Inflatable Water Slides for An Epic Backyard Water Park!

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10 Best Inflatable Water Slides for An Epic Backyard Water Park!

Water Slides? Yes please! Bring the excitement of a water park right into your own backyard this summer without having the cost of a pool!

This summer, go all out with an inflatable water slide that they will adore. Not only is it simpler to put up than an above-ground pool, but it was also primarily designed for burning off excess energy.

Here are some of the best options for some real summer fun, no matter whether you have a young child and need to keep things simple or if you want to go all out. Inflatable water slides make for a fantastic Christmas Present!

10 Best Inflatable Water Slides for An Epic Back Yard Water Park | Stay At Home Mum

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Here Are The 10 Best Inflatable Water Slides

1. AirMyFun Inflatable Bounce House Water Slide

Putting up the bounce house takes no more than three minutes! Unplugging it, letting the water drain out, and letting the air out makes for a simple disassembly. The bounce house comes with a water spray hose assembly, a water bottle, and an emergency repair kit.

These inflatable water slides are constructed from tough oxford fabrics and wear-resistant PVC, and it is further strengthened by sturdy triple machine stitching. Additional protection is provided by the thicker side walls of the net. Better still, the inflated construction is very resistant to puncture, so children’s active play will never be interrupted.

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2. Costway Inflatable Bouncy Castle & Playhouse

These inflatable water slides are perfect for creating your own little water park at home.

Make your own backyard into a large playground by blowing up a huge inflatable setup. Jumping, sliding, climbing, shooting, kicking, and tossing rings are just some of the many activities that may be enjoyed simultaneously by youngsters and their friends within the inflatable bouncy castle. Add to the pleasure with some humorous hurdles between the ball pit and the jumping house.

Also, there is no need to worry about being too hot since the playing area is shielded by netting and covered with cool shade. Indeed, the bouncing house is a risk-free playground that will create lasting experiences for those who enter. And the high-quality components provide maximum enjoyment for as long as needed.

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3. Inflatable Water Park Water

This Inflatable Water Park Outdoor Toy Play Centre is a great way to keep your kids cool and entertained throughout the warmer months. The inflatable bouncer has a large pool for splashing about in, a water slide, a climbing wall, two cannons, a jump castle, a basketball hoop, and a basketball for your children to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. These kind of inflatable water slides are constructed with durable oxford fabric and sturdy bouncer pegs to ensure everyone’s safety.

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4. Intex 57444 Dinosaur Play Centre Kids Inflatable Pool with Water Slide

Enjoy a jungle experience at home! Cool down in your own garden with the Intex Dinosaur Play Centre, which includes a volcanic slide, palm tree sprayer, and a waterfall cave— there are six Fun Ballz included for satisfying the dino’s appetite. The sprayers in this kiddie pool may be adjusted with a control valve, and there is also a drain stop and a landing pad for the slide. 

And I guarantee that this kind of inflatable water slide will make any young explorers giddy with delight!

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5. Costway Inflatable Monster Bounce Playhouse

This inflatable bouncer offers plenty of room to leap and slide down an incline, bringing joy to children. It is large enough that multiple kids may play inside at the same time without feeling crowded.

For added peace of mind, it has a safety net around the perimeter. It comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual, adhesive, a portable bag, and a repair kit that has 4 stakes, all of which will assist you in setting it up without any hassle.

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6. AirMyFun Inflatable Water Slide Kids Bounce House

The bounce house has seven different play areas, including a pool, water slide, climb, sprinkler, water cannon, soccer goal, and ball target, and it is readily capable of accommodating three to five children at once. The bounce house comes with a water spray hose assembly, a water bottle, and an emergency repair kit.

In addition, this kind of inflatable water slides is certified to comply with the EN71 standard for the safety of toys as well as the AS/NZS ISO 8124 requirements for complete peace of mind during playtime.

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7. Costway Pirate Inflatable Water Slide Jumping Castle

When the summer becomes too hot, hop on to the Inflatable Water Park and cool down in style. Slide into the pool through the tunnel of this long-lasting, brightly colored water playground you can set up in your own garden. A water cannon is ready for an unexpected assault in the spacious kiddie pool area. Also, you may have a great time engaging in some energetic physical activity like climbing and leaping. 

The package also comes with an inflatable football, so you can try your hand at water football. These kind of inflatable water slides has a secured playground and risk-free for children and their parents since stakes were driven into each corner.

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8. Inflatable Mega Water Park Pool Slide

It just takes 2 minutes to inflate the Bestway H20GO! Turbo Splash Mega Water Park, and it will provide hours of enjoyment for youngsters this summer. Enjoy a variety of exciting attractions at this inflatable water park, including:  tall protective walls, an enormous pool for a splash landing, an integrated point-and-spray water blaster, and a water shower that fills a water dumping bucket, this water slide is both exciting and efficient.

The mesh shoe rack is a convenient place to store and access footwear. The water park’s mesh safety walls and tough PVC coating make it safe for kids to play on for a long time without fear of getting hurt.

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9. BoPeep Inflatable Water Slide

There’s a slip ‘n slide leading into a kiddie pool where your little ones may splash about. Be entertained as they dream up new activities and gather their relatives and friends to play on a scorching day.

Would you want your kids to experience greater enjoyment with inflatable water slides awaiting? Bring their inflatable swimming pool with them when they visit their pal. These kinds of inflatable water slides takes less than two minutes to inflate and causes no fuss. All you need is space, an extension cord, and a hose!

10 Best Inflatable Water Slides for An Epic Back Yard Water Park | Stay At Home Mum

10. Hera Slide & Splash Inflatable

Come and splurge with kids on these inflatable water slides awaiting for you! Kids may enjoy hours of fun at once with the water slide, splash pool, climbing wall, and water cannon. What’s even great is that it’s lightweight and portable, so you can use it anywhere from your garage to your lawn! The sturdy stitching makes leaping and sliding more simpler and less dangerous.

10 Best Inflatable Water Slides for An Epic Back Yard Water Park | Stay At Home Mum

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