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Finding clothing that looks amazing and fits great after having a baby is not as easy task. And, to top it off, not only do you need an outfit that will highlight all the right places, but will also allow you to easily wiggle out of the front in order to feed baby in a hurry. Because nothing draws a crowd quite like a screaming hungry infant…unless, of course, mum is beside the screaming infant with her breast half exposed and her arm stuck in her dress!

There are many different stores that offer maternity shirts that are designed for easy access during breastfeeding. However, many of these tops are quite expensive and do not offer you too much in terms of colour and style variety. The good news is that you can find other clothes outside of the boring maternity rack to wear during the days, weeks, months or even years of breastfeeding. The best clothing to choose will depend on a number of things including how you like to breastfeed, what you feel most comfortable in and whether you choose to use a breastfeeding wrap or not. Below is a guideline to the different tops, shirts, blouses and dresses that offer easy access for hungry bubs.


You’ve got to love how easy zippers can be when breastfeeding. And many tops will come with zippers designed to make breastfeeding much easier. A good source of zipper tops is active and exercise wear.


These are my personal favourites. Snaps allow you to easily snap open the front of your shirt and reveal the breast for baby. Many tops will come with a hidden crop tank underneath so that you are not exposing anything but the area where baby will be.

Best Clothing Options for BreastfeedingCrossovers and Hidden Tops

Many breastfeeding tops offer access to the breast through a hidden under layer. Some will have a horizontal opening under the bust so you can simply lift up the shirt at the bust to feed. Others will have a layer over the bust that you list up.


A fashionable way to stay cosy during the winter and still breastfeed comfortably without having to take off several layers of clothing is to choose knit tops that offer buttons along the edges. Simply unbutton the sides to feed without having to strip down.  Or, look for shirts with buttons at the front that you can easily undo when you are out in public and baby gets hungry.

Cowl Necks  and Ruffles

Shirts that have embroidery at the front are also often good for breastfeeding as there is extra material there.


Wrap shirts and dresses are perfect when breastfeeding. Look for jersey wrap dresses that offer plenty of elasticity without ever losing shape.


In addition to finding the right tops for breastfeeding, another great accessory to consider are scarfs or pashminas. Not only do these accessories add a little something extra to any outfit but they also double up as a great wrap if you are self-conscious about feeding out in public and exposing your breasts to the world. Scarfs are also great at hiding the remaining baby belly all the while accentuating your assets. Some of the most comfortable clothing, such as standard t-shirts is often not too great for breastfeeding as they are hard to pull up and down in a hurry without stretching the fabric. I personally love camisoles as the straps easily come down when breastfeeding but it really comes down to what you feel comfortable in.

Jenna Galley lives in Cairns, Queensland with her husband, two small children, Jacob and Jade, and dog Koah. She is a freelance writer and small business owner as well as an avid reader and wine drinker.


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