Escaping A Sleeping Baby

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Escaping A Sleeping Baby

Any parent of a baby knows all to well the feeling of being pinned under your sleeping baby. You sit or lie there, contemplating the gamble that is to either stay there until baby wakes up or attempt a stealth move and run the risk that your baby wakes up prematurely, ruining your day dreams of all things hot; showers, coffee or tea and urgently needed home bikini wax session.

Thanks to Esther Anderson and her partner, you can find a video guide on You Tube of four stealth moves to use to successfully escape your sleeping baby.

With strategies to cover squeaky floor boards, and moves such as “the roll”, “the ninja” and “the replacement” Escaping a sleeping baby is a must-view for any new parent, or parent or teething or unwell older children.

I’m off to buy some tape for the floor! Happy sleeping!

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