80 Ways To Praise Your Child

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Praising your child should be a natural roll off the tongue, but if you’re finding yourself saying the same old stuff”¦”oh good boy”, “well done”, “clever girl”, it is definitely time for some new parenting vocabulary.

I love praising my kids, even if it’s the simplest of tasks of shutting the door on the way out. The fact is, kids respond well to praise, whatever the situation, the more we give it, the more they will perform the way we want them to. However, if you’re anything like me, I say the same old compliments and it was never more evident when my first child learnt to count.

At two years old, we would proudly say in front of our friends, now come on Rafey, count to 10. His little face would beam knowing he was about to do something really good and get attention for it. He would start “1,2,3,4, good boy, 5,6,7” and so on. He literally said “good boy” half way through every count.

So without further ado, let’s get stuck into 100 ways to say your child is a superstar and doing great at what he or she is doing.

100 Ways To Praise Your Child

1. “Wow”

2. “Way to go”

3. “Outstanding”

4. “Good job” or “Creative job” or “That is an A+ job”

5. “You’re catching on”

6. “Nothing can stop you now”

7. “Now you’re flying”

8. “You’re spectacular”

9. “You make me laugh”

10. “You’re a darling”

11. “I love you soooooooooooooo much”

12. “What an amazing listener” or “You’re a good listener”

13. “You’re wonderful”

14. “Awesome”

15. “It couldn’t be better”

16. “Phenomenal”

17. “You’re getting so much better at this”

18. “Dynamite”

19. “Good planning”

20. “You’re #1”

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