Even More Creepy Stuff Our Kids Say

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Even More Creepy Stuff Our Kids Say

Some time ago, I wrote a post about the Creepiest Things Our Kids Say based on the answers our readers gave to some of the odd things that their kids have come up with.

I thought, for sure, these have got to be the creepiest things that have ever come out of the mouths of small children.

As it turns out, I was wrong.

So very wrong.

Because 1,100 comments later, it turns out that kids say even more creepy shit. It was hard to narrow it down, but here are some of our favourite spiritual child moments that will leave you with chills moving down your spine.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the hundreds of stories our readers shared and I think it’s safe to say that many children have a sixth sense. Whether you choose to believe it is not up to me but after reading through the comments (check out the original FB post here), if you think that your child says some odd things, you are definitely not alone!

And be sure to check out our first post to compare.

Make sure you read this with the lights on. *shudder*


My son, Rian, has always had a sort of 6th sense. When he was 18 months old, he would walk around the yard like he was holding hands with someone and one morning, I caught him talking to his invisible friend, “Fred” … I asked around town to see if anyone knew anything about the house, small town – no one would talk about it until an older gentleman, a former ambulance driver told me that, apparently, the house we lived in used to be on the highway before they changed the roads. There had been an accident and two people were injured. They’d taken the most critical to the hospital leaving the other man at the scene to come back for him. He died under the tree in what was to become my front yard. His name was Fred.

Even More Creepy Stuff Our Kids Say

Baby Gun

Three months ago, we moved into our brand new house built on subdivided old farm land. Soon after, my 4-year-old son told me he has a little friend like his baby sister, who plays with him in his room that he calls Baby Gun because he has “bullets in his tummy”. We were outside at the time and I asked if he was there with us. He replied, “No he doesn’t come outside ’cause he’s scared of lightning.” A couple of weeks ago, we drove past our old house and my son said he wanted to move back there. I asked him why when we had a lovely new house. He said because there were other people living in the rooms of our new house who didn’t want us there!! We have had many issues and problems with the new house and I’m beginning to wonder if it is those “people” trying to tell me something!


My husband once said to his mum when he was about 3, “I made you sad when I was Alan didn’t I Mum?” Alan was my mother-in-law’s second child who was 18 months old when he passed away, about 3 years before my husband was born.

Mister 3

Going through Lidcombe station last December, Mister 3 stood up in his seat and said, ‘When I was a little boy I got hit by a train and I died.’ He showed me where, laughed and said, ‘It’s okay because I came back now.’ This is the same train station my uncle was killed at when he was tripped out the door of the train by a drunk passenger back in the 60’s. Two weeks later, putting flowers at the cemetery, my older son introduced himself to my grandparents (deceased) while Mister 3 says, ‘They already know who I am.’

“Be Quiet”

I have a video clip of when my son was 2ish. He’d been “yapping” for a couple of hours at night and would end up getting really scared, so I put the video recorder in his room, on his cot. He was sitting in his cot and talking to someone. You can hear a few noises, like pots being banged together, in his room, then after my son continues to “chat”, you hear a female voice, very distinctly, say, “Be quiet”.

Even More Creepy Stuff Our Kids Say | Stay At Home Mum

The Bali Holiday

When I was a child, my family had a holiday booked to Bali, but a couple of months before, I had a dream that we were in a restaurant, an explosion happened, I lost my legs and couldn’t find my older sister. It freaked me out so much that I absolutely refused to go. My mum lost hundreds of dollars cancelling my sister’s and my tickets but she still went. One night, while she was there, I heard a lady say, “Get out!” Then there was a huge bang but then nothing. We checked everywhere. I went to bed then got woke up to a call saying, “Look on the news.” It was the first Bali bombing. Finally we got in touch with my mum. She was okay but the times matched up as to when the bomb went off.

A Trip to America

When my eldest was 5 1/2, we went to the airport to see his grandparents off as they were going to America for 5 weeks. Just as they were about to board the plane, my son said, “Grandpa, are you going to die in America?” This was out of the blue as no one was or had even been unwell. A couple of weeks into their holiday, my father-in-law was admitted to hospital and passed away within 24 hours. When we told my son, he said, “I told you Grandpa was going to die.” I have learnt to never under estimate what young children can sense.

Grandma Look-a-like

My grandmother, who I spent most of my time with, died when I was 8. My daughter was due on the 20th of February, but as soon as I found out she was a girl, I said she’d come the 16th which was my gran’s birthday, and she did! When she was about 2, she was looking at photos, and came across one of me and my Gran. She started shouting and pointing saying, “It’s me!” I assumed she was talking about me, as we look alike. But she then pointed to my gran and said, “That’s me!” Then she pointed to the little girl (me) and said, “That’s you!”!

The Smacker

When my daughter was about 3 years old she went through a stage where she was not sleeping very well at all, and would wake up at a similar time every night and come downstairs to our room. She used to tell us, “The little girl keeps waking me up” or “The little girl doesn’t like it when I sleep.” Then it got a bit more extreme.  “The little girl pulled my hair.” “The little girl smacked me.” “The little girl shouted in my ear and told me to wake up.”

We thought she was just making up stories so she could get up out of her bed. But then one night, my husband went to check on her and saw a woman, dressed in all white, standing outside her door…

Even More Creepy Stuff Our Kids Say | Stay At Home Mum

My Sister

When our first girl was only little, she used to always ask where her sister was. She had a twin which we lost early in the pregnancy.

A Sad Song

My son, when he was only about 9 months old, would get really upset and cry whenever this song came on. The song was in an African language so we didn’t know what it was about. It didn’t matter what he was doing, if he heard it, he would stop and cry. So I looked up what the words meant in English and it turns out the song is about a little boy who had lost his mum!

Scarlett Isn’t Here Anymore

When my daughter was four years old, I asked her to do something and she completely ignored me, so I said, “Scarlett can you please listen to me.” She looked at me with really wide eyes and said, “Scarlett isn’t here anymore. She is the wrong girl. I am Kervran. Scarlett is the wrong girl.”

The Gift of Music

One morning, my 11-year-old daughter told me that she woke up during the night and Nana was sitting on her bed. Nana had “smiled and faded away.” My daughter had been tested musically for the previous three years at school and not once passed a school music test. She had a test two weeks later and passed with flying colours. We bought her a flute to start learning. She virtually just picked the flute up and started playing and reading music perfectly. They then discovered she could play any instrument she picked up. Her Nana had been a member of the South Australian Orchestra and could play a number of instruments. We are assuming her Nana visited her granddaughter to give her the gift of music.

Even More Creepy Stuff Our Kids Say

The Electrician

An electrician was in our kitchen when Mister 4 walks in. On seeing the stranger, he announced, “He cannot be here. He killed my father!” Absolutely dead pan face on the kid, and then he walked out. The electrician just stared. He did finish up quickly after that.

The Painting

When my brother was little, he had a painting that would talk to him. He shared a room with his older brother who he could never wake when it happened. The painting told him he put his brother in a deep sleep. It got to the point the painting was saying to kill the family. Mum smashed all the paintings we got from the person, who, turned out, was involved in witchcraft.

“Mommy, Help Me”

My baby is six months old. About six weeks ago, he started to turn on his stomach while wrapped. We had been asleep for about two hours when I heard in my ear, “Mommy help me.” I jumped up and my son had turned and was lying on his face with his arms still wrapped and was struggling to move his face off the bassinet mattress! Freaky!

“Good Morning!”

My daughter was about 15 months old and was only just saying a few words. One morning when she woke up, I said good morning to her and, clear as day, and in a mature man’s voice, she said good morning right back.

83588792942533af762ea0f121a0c4a6 | Stay at Home

The Baby Prediction

When my daughter was 4, I sat her down to tell her the good news that I was pregnant and having a baby. To which she replied, “No mummy. You are having 2 babies.” After 20 minutes of discussion, I couldn’t change her mind or tell her differently, so I decided to humour her and ask about the gender. She replied, “Two girls.” To our shock, at the 12 week scan we were told we were having twins. Then at the 18 week scan it was confirmed we were having two girls.

The Old Man Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

At an old house that we were renting when my son was 3 years old, he used to say to me, “Look mummy, old man. There’s an old man in the room.” And he would look up at the ceiling in the front room of the house. I later found out that the former owner of the house was an old man and that he had passed away! He had given the house to his children who were renting it out to us.

“Nan Joyce”

My daughter talks to Joyce occasionally. Once we drove into town and she said, “Joyce is sad because she doesn’t like her pink house. She prefers yellow.” Putting it together, I realised she was talking about my husband’s Nan who passed 3 years before she was born. My daughter said that she would show me Joyce’s house and she directed me straight to it! No joke, she had never seen it before in her life! And to top it off, the house now had a peeling pink paint job! When Joyce lived there, it was a creamy yellow.

Formula One Prediction

My brother used to watch Formula One racing when he was a toddler. If ever there was a big crash, he would turn to my mum and say, “That’s how I died!” Freaked us out every time!

Creepy sculpture child | About 50% larger than a real child.… | Flickr

Poppy and Me

My father died two weeks before my son’s first birthday. I didn’t speak about my dad in front of my son until after this happened. When my son was two and a half, he used to sit in his room and giggle and talk to someone. When I asked him who he was talking to, he said, “Poppy Tony. He plays lots and loves me.” Scared the crap out of me. This happened most days for months. My son, now 5, knows things about my childhood that I’ve never talked about and tells me Poppy tells him when he says goodnight.


A friend’s three-year-old daughter announced she had a new friend called Lillibeth. She would talk and play with Lillibeth and save her a seat at the table for dinner. My friend assumed it was a harmless imaginary friend until one night, while putting their daughter to bed, they saw the name Lillibeth scratched into the side of the child’s dressing table. When they asked their daughter (who hadn’t yet learned to read or write) how it got there, she said, “Oh Lillibeth was doing that when I came into my room this morning.

My legs are covered in goosebumps. Lillibeth. I can see her coming out of the TV right now.

Thanks so much for sharing some spiritual and creepy stuff with us everyone. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and lock every door in my house.

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