Is My Baby Teething? Yeah, Maybe, Um…I’m Not Really Sure!

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Teething for your little one Is A Bitch…

And your squishy is going to let you know every minute of the day (and sorry probably night, too) that they are absolutely pissed off with the situation.

Yes, it’s true, some babies make very little fuss and the first sign their mothers have that they are teething is well, teeth, actually. Don’t get your hopes up though Mama, these babes are rare. I can hear you sighing from here.

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Mizzie The Kangaroo is an Aussie teething toy favourite!

Your Nipples Are Ripped To Shreds

If your nippies look like Dracula has had a go at them, then apart from attachment issues (which you’d already know about by now), it’s game on for the toothy pegs trying bust through those little gums. Counter pressure on sore gums is exquisite for bubbas and in their mind, if you’re going to stick something in their mouth, then they have every right to use it for all the comfort that it’s worth.

Even if it means forgoing the milk bonus!

It Puts The Stuff In The Mouth

An inquisitive baby naturally starts to put fists, fingers, toys, the family cat’s tail, anything really in their mouth. Add teething to the equation and you have a gobstopper in practically anything they can lay their little mittens on.

Chewing and that counter pressure which I mentioned in the last bit, is relief on tap in an instant, but it must not last very long because bambinos seem to want to keep doing it and to different things.

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Mizzie the Kangaroo

Drool Me A River

When the human mouth has a job to do it produces saliva. Teething babies like to really take that to the extreme and drool in such copious amounts that you really start to wonder at what point will dehydration set in.

Hopefully, it won’t be so dramatic, but you will go through bibs and clothes by the armload, and if you are carrying bubbala over your shoulder expect that nice wet, spreading on a regular basis. I had a wet patch on my left clavicle for 12 months I’m sure. My neck bones are delicious and drool-worthy apparently.

There’s So Much Poop

Parent changing the diaper of a newborn

If you’ve ever heard a parent gag and choke out the words ‘Ugh, teething poop’ you’ll be of first-hand understanding now. Teething poop is second in the grossness of consistency and stench to only tummy-bug bacteria-filled poop. Yeah, those teething nappies are absolutely explosive sometimes, and If you have a wee one who a drool-aholic, that is they swallow their drool, then all that extra moisture added to their dinner is going to give it a really good smoosh-up.

The stinky part of it probably comes from the undigested foodstuffs involved and all the um, immune-boosters, they’re ingesting from their surrounds (see cat’s tail above).

No Poop Today The Poop Has Gone Away

Then there are the babies (my babies) that let all the drool go down their chin (OMG the rashes!), chest, belly, legs and well everywhere actually. Not much is being swallowed and they aren’t drinking a whole lot of anything either (because my mouth hurts so stop trying to put life-sustaining goodness in there please Mum) and their bums just seem to stop working for a bit. Like a week. Weird, but not unheard of, actually this was both my babies over many teeth.

Ear Today Gone Tomorrow

If your smunchkin seems to be trying to remove their own ears, they are definitely in pain and looking for relief. Yanking their ears off is only going to add to their discomfort and your sleep deprivation so best check it out. Sometimes it can just be the dreaded movement of teeth under the gums, but it may also be early signs of a cold or ear infection. Best to check their temperature and keep an eye on them for telltale signs of illness like runny nose or fever.

Sweet Relief

Chat to your local pharmacy staff (the ones with children will have the low-down) about natural, homoeopathic and over the counter pain relief options. I hear those ladies go alright.

sophie the giraffe | Stay at Home Mum

Keep a frozen teething thingy in a clean zip lock bag in your freezer ready to go. Why in a bag do you ask? Well, I don’t know how often you clean out your freezer but I’m not sure when I last did mine. So a baggie keeps the teether clean and you can also just grab and go when you’re packing up in the morning.

Also, look for a cooling teether that fits your baby’s mouth a bit. My children had a hell of a time trying to bite on a big, round ring. Those giraffes or strawberry shaped ones are just perfect, however.

What’s that teething Giraffe’s name again?


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