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Considering that one of the primary jobs of mums is to love, they sure do have a lot of hate for things they don’t agree with.

Whether it’s vaccination views or childcare centres, mums can be really vocal about their pet peeves.

For the mums in Generation X, born between the early 1960s and the early 1980s, one of the biggest annoyances is the new generation. Gen Y mums, also known as Millennials, go about parenting in a totally different way and the criticism from their predecessors is quite clear. They consider them shallow and self-centred, with a mental age on par with their children, whom they use as a stylish accessory. They overshare in the worse way, and are focused entirely on their appearance. Well, that’s if you listen to some of the grumpy Gen X mums.

If you ask us, well, it’s a little different.

What does a Millennial mum look like?

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Millennials are really only now taking big strides into parenting, having finally come of age. They’re big in their online life, and their babies are as well. Millennial mums probably feature heavily on their social media accounts, or have accounts themselves, rocking stylish clothes that you’ve never seen before on a toddler. Their babies become smartphone experts, and know all about the selfie. They’re the new generation.

To be honest, we don’t see why that’s such a bad thing at all, so we thought we’d share our own opinion. Here’s why we love Millennial mums.

1. They love technology, and have high hopes for the future.

Why We LOVE Millennial Mums | Stay At Home Mum

Where the Baby Boomers and Gen X saw the potential for disaster, Millennials see hope for the future. It’s in everything they do, from embracing new technologies, to planning a better future. Open-minded and optimistic, Millennial mums are happy to accept change, embrace adventure, and swim in the wonders of the internet. It’s not just on the internet that their tech skills come out to play, from tablets to smartphones to intelligent houses, these mums take tech-savvy to a whole new level.

2. They build strong connections online.

Why We LOVE Millennial Mums | Stay At Home Mum

Being a mum can be a surprisingly lonely job. Sure, you’re being constantly harassed by a miniature version of your worst nightmare, but times can be tough when you aren’t getting enough support. Mums in the past have really struggled with this, but Millennial mums have solved the problem. Diving head first into the online world, they put aside paranoia about privacy and anonymity and embrace social networking. Their kids feature on Instagram and Facebook, or have profiles of their own, and mums are more open to raising their families in full view of the watching world.

3. They’ve got great style.

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In times past, the word ‘mum’ went with the word ‘frumpy’ like peas and carrots. For some reason, women who became mums would morph into responsible adults who followed mum-appropriate fashions and hairstyles. Well, no more. From fashion to personal looks and even home design, Millennial mums have some serious style. Taking inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, they create gorgeous home spaces and style their kids in the latest threads from independent retailers.

4. They bring fun back to parenting.

Why We LOVE Millennial Mums | Stay At Home Mum

Maybe it’s got something to do with that Gen Y optimism, or perhaps it’s all about capturing their not-so-distant childhoods, but Millennial mums have a real habit of making parenting look like a breeze. From styled baby photos to immaculate houses, they just seem to have it sorted. Even a trip to the supermarket is perked up with some well-placed selfies and a babychino in the cafe. It’s a little bit of magic that we think their critics could benefit from.

5. They aren’t held back by traditionalism.

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There are certain traditional things about parenting that just seem set in stone. Mums in the past followed the baby books, listened to the experts, and made sure they walked the familiar path. Millennial mums are under none of the same pressures. Instead of trying to play between the lines, they embrace an alternative lifestyle, stepping out in their own way and not letting anyone get them down. They’re open to new parenting ideas, differing opinions and the freshness that comes with throwing out the old and welcoming the new.

6. They have a lot to contend with.

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Raising kids in the modern world is a serious challenge, just ask any parent. But for those Millennial mums embarking on the journey today, it might just be harder than it’s ever been before. Contending with both higher costs of living, higher thresholds to enter the housing market, and of course, higher costs of childcare, it’s not an easy road to walk. They might make up for it with their tech-savvy online shopping habits, but it’s worth thinking about that before you lash out next time.

Are you a fan of Millennial mums?

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