7 Awful Things About Pregnancy No One Tells You About (Page 2)Look away mums to be

3. Amniocentesis

things that can happen during pregnancy
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The risks involved in this procedure are as long as your arm, but in order to get some serious information on baby it has to be done if there’s a problem. You could miscarriage, needle injury, Rh sensitisation, infection, infection transmission not to mention trying to extract a bit of fluid from the home that baby floats around in without popping it.

A big old hypodermic needle gets plunged straight into your belly and into your womb. Why you might have to have an amniocentesis? Over 35, family history of genetic disorders, Rh incompatibility or your doctor may decide at some point its best to stick a whopping big needle in your belly. It might best to look away while they do it.

4. Placenta abruption

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This is when your placenta has had enough and starts to detach itself from the uterus wall before your baby is ready to meet the world causing all sorts of issues like delivering the baby NOW!! Depending on the severity, it can detach a little or a lot depriving baby of oxygen, nutrients, interfere with foetal development or even causing still birth. If it’s a little, there is no real urgency and your health physician will monitor your pregnancy closer. If it’s a lot, it’s time for an emergency C-section.

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