Stay at Home Mum’s Teenagers Section focuses on on puberty and how to support your child during this time.

5 Tips On How to Convince Your Parents You Are an Adult

I'm 33 and I'm still not sure they're convinced...

How To Deal With Disrespectful Teen Behaviours

Don’t Let Your Teenager Take Control

Three ways to help your teenage kids develop a healthier relationship with alcohol

By Jacqueline Bowden, South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute and Robin Room, La Trobe University

A Guide To Teenage Fashion For Parentals

It's a challenge!

Gift Ideas for the Alternative Teenager Who Loves Black

Got a Little Goth on your hands?

Parents Passing On Bad Habits To Learner Drivers

Survey finds that parents teaching teens to drive not always the best role models on the road

Coping With Teen Suicide

Suicide Is The Leading Cause Of Death For Aussie Teens

Perth Teens As Young As 14 Using Hook-Up App Tinder

Cyber Safety Consultant Says Parents Need To Be Aware Of Kids On The App

7 Tips to Teaching Teenagers about Credit Cards

Start them young!

Is It Okay To Give Kids A Sip Of Your Alcohol?

Experts all agree you shouldn't

11 Essential Life Skills Kids Should Have Before Leaving School

I bet this is not on the school curriculum

10 Commandments To Drill Into Your Teenager About Social Media

The Rules They Definitely Shouldn't Forget About Socialising Online

Frightening Statistics on Porn Addiction in Our Society

Scarily high statistics of children regularly viewing pornography.

Barbie Finally Looks Like A Real Girl!

Mattel Releases New Range Of Barbies With Different Bodies, Skin and Hair

Awake, Online and Sleep-deprived: The Rise of the Teenage Vamper

By Elizabeth Englander, Bridgewater State University

44 Ideas For First Jobs for Teenagers

Alternatives to flipping burgers!

Buying Your Daughter's First Bra

Don't panic! She's growing up!

How to Discipline Teenagers and Survive!

Raising teens can be hell on earth, with a sense of humour and confidence that it will get better, you too can make it through.