This “Pushy” Trait Could Push Your Daughters to Success

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This “Pushy” Trait Could Push Your Daughters to Success

If you find yourself persistently nagging your daughter and feel guilty for doing so, there’s nothing to be guilty about, as she will thank you for that later on.

Researchers at the University of Essex have studied 15,500 girls aged between 13 and 14 for a period of seven years, and the results were astounding.


They found that girls whose mothers expect so much of them were more likely to go to uni, earn a higher salary and end up with successful partners. They were also less likely to become teen mums, a marie claire US reports.


The next time you think about holding your horses in “tormenting” your daughters, don’t hold back. It’s for your daughter’s future.

So tell her to make her bed, take her clothes out of the drier, and, while you’re at it, make you a cup of coffee, too. After all, it’s for her own good, right? *wink*



Are you a nagging mum?

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