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4 Pregnancy Tips for the Social Butterfly

4 Pregnancy Tips for the Social Butterfly

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4 Pregnancy Tips for the Social Butterfly

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t still go out and have a good time!

Does it feel like now that you are pregnant, your social schedule is suddenly jam-packed with delicious dinners, free-flowing bottles of wine, late night parties and social soirees that you have promised to attend? An active social life may have once excited you but now might be dragging you down, especially when you can’t fit into that teeny party dress anymore and you won’t be able to enjoy more than a glass of that expensive pinot. After all, you are now substituting water for wine, trading sexy dresses for flannel pyjamas and exchanging the title of ‘dancing queen’ to ‘sleeping beauty’.

But don’t retire to the couch just yet. There are ways to remain the life of the party (even for just a couple of hours) without harming the life growing inside you! Here are pregnancy tips for the social butterfly!

1. Squeeze Relaxation into the Pre-Party Pregnancy Ritual

Pre-party rituals can be one of the best ways to start an evening off right. Even if you feel worn out later in the night, there is always alcohol or coffee to keep you going well into the wee hours. That is, unless you’re pregnant. With only decaf coffee to rely on, pumping up the pre-party mix before the actual party can lead to complete exhaustion. So, for the time being, re-adjust your getting-ready ritual to include a short bath, a relaxing massage and a long nap. Then meet your friends at the event feeling refreshed and ready.

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2. Go with Mocktails for all Occasions

It can be a little boring ordering orange juice after orange juice when you are out with friends. Enjoy the classic cocktail hour by opting for virgin cocktails, or mocktails. Virgin cocktails come with all the fun of cocktails, such as the flirty glass and the colourful concoctions, but without the alcohol. If you are going to a party that requires BYOB, stop by the shops and pick up six packs of alcohol-free coolers or cider. Or, bring your own ingredients to make delicious alcohol-free margaritas, mojitos and more.

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3. Bring Your Own Pregnancy Party Treats 

Parties are always filled with delicious nibbles, many of which are on the no-no list for pregnant women, such as soft cheeses, undercooked meat and eggs. Instead of sulking in the corner about your pregnancy diet, you can bring your own party favours. Try avocado and turkey wraps, baked stuffed zucchini or apple crumble squares. By throwing together a quick plate of appetizers, you can not only indulge in an afternoon of treats but you will also be bringing another meaning to the phrase “yummy mummy-to-be”.

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4. Party Maternity Wear – Dress for the Occasion

Choosing the right maternity wear can take some serious time and thought. During the first twenty weeks, you will probably want to stay looking as slim as possible. An all-black ensemble is the best way to do this as it can elongate the frame.

During the last twenty weeks, it can be fun to experiment with a long maxi dress, empire waists and bright prints. If you are looking for a truly daring look to show off your… ahem… biggest assets, go for party wear with a plunging neckline or opt for a strapless number.

The best part about being pregnant during party season is that, for once, you do not have to worry about those cringeworthy drunken moments or finding a late night cab home after too many drinks. You can enjoy a season of parties with class, dignity and style with no hangover in sight!

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Have you found these pregnancy tips for the social butterfly helpful?

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