13 Seemingly Random Tips That Will Actually Save Your Life

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13 Seemingly Random Tips That Will Actually Save Your Life

You’ll never know when you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation.

I was never the paranoid type, but I keep scouring the interwebs for tips that might just save my life — or another person’s. Here are some of the most useful tips that will save your life!

1. Keep small amounts of money in your jeans pocket, bag, jacket, car, and in places all over the house.

2. Write down the serial numbers of all the expensive things that you own.

3. Take a photograph of your luggage before checking in at the airport.

4. Never tell anyone that you don’t have a home security system – especially door-to-door salesmen.


5. And if you really don’t have a home security system, befriend your neighbours.


6. Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working.

7. Put blankets, gloves, snacks, and a tool kit in your vehicle.

8. When taking your children to a crowded place, write your contact information on their wrists and cover it with liquid band-aid or a waterproof see-through dressing.

Via WiilKids
Via WiilKids

9. Don’t leave chewing gum in places young children can reach and always cut grapes in half or quarters.

10. If you’re choking on something, make as much commotion as possible to get help.

11. Sleep with your car keys on your bedside table.

12. When you need someone in a crowd to call for help, point to a specific person while yelling out what he looks like (e.g. you wearing a black cap) and tell him to call an ambulance or the police or whatever you need.

13. Finally, this is what you should do if ever you find yourself bound with duct tape.

Got more tips to add? Let us know in the comments!

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