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For some it’s just a plain tattoo, but for others, it’s called body art.. and our favourite famous celebrities know that.

They aren’t called artists for nothing. In fact, it is rare for a celebrity without a tatt or two. With the public’s eyes on them, celebrities live in a guarded world.

Perhaps, it’s a secret message or a note to self?

Let’s find out which stars had themselves inked..and what it means to them.


1) Rihanna

Rihanna’s mammoth tattoo of an Egyptian goddess inked on her chest is to honour her late grandmum who passed away on July of 2012.

50 Celebrity Tattoos | Stay At Home Mum
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She posted it on Instagram — a closeup photo of her Isis tattoo kneeling with her wings spread along the ribcage — with the caption:

“Goddess Isis – Complete Woman – Model for future generations – #GRANGRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart #1love.”

2) Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osborne, daughter of Ozzy and Sharon and known through her appearances on The Osbournes and more recently as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent, has several tattoos. A little butterfly tattooed on her right shoulder is one of her 15 tattoos.

50 Celebrity Tattoos | Stay At Home Mum
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3) Lana del Ray

How many tattoos does Lana Del Ray have? She’s got a handful — literally!

50 Celebrity Tattoos | Stay At Home Mum
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Most of Lana del Ray’s tattoos are found on her hand: 1) paradise 2) die young because according to her:

“Death and paradise for me are linked. I expect after my death, something that is very calm and relaxed. This can already be described as paradise. It is so loaded with meaning. I just like the word “paradise.” I even tattooed it on my hand.”


4) Scarlett Johansson

Hot stuff Scarlett Johansson also has a tattoo on her wrist. A  bracelet-type tattoo with the words I <3 NY on it. Guess she must really love New York!

50 Celebrity Tattoos | Stay At Home Mum
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5) Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin has a tattoo of an apple on her arm.

50 Celebrity Tattoos | Stay At Home Mum
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In an interview with movieweb, she explained what the apple meant to her:

“To me, apples symbolize wisdom and purity, but I love the thought that the apple is something Snow White uses as a symbol of survival. This is the thing she overcame. It’s like a reminder to her.”

6)  Eva Longoria

Stunning Eva Longoria has six tattoos found on her body, but the one that has people talking is the word “nine” tattooed on her upper back, just a little below her neck.

50 Celebrity Tattoos | Stay At Home Mum
via Hollywire

Eva got the tattoo as a tribute to his husband, Tony Parker who wears the number 9 on his San Antonio Spurs jersey. She had the tattoo removed after they broke up.

7) Ed Sheeran

Sweet boy Ed Sheeran is a tough guy deep inside. His huge lion tattoo gives us that impression anyway!

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Ed posted his Lion ink on Twitter, looking orange and mighty:

“Halfway and ouch. Lion is courtesy of @kp_est78, who puts up with me complaining about the pain.”

The lion was designed based on the English football team’s logo and is meant to celebrate the singer’s sold-out shows at Wembley Stadium in London (the home of the football team), where Ed performed for over 290,000 fans last month. I guess the goal is a tatt for every milestone in his life?

8) Drew Barrymore

This famous actress has a celtic cross tattoo with vines on her right calf. All in black ink.

50 Celebrity Tattoos | Stay At Home Mum
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9) Adele

Adele has 6 tattoos. Two on her left wrist, one opposite the two on her wrist and the third is inked on her neck behind her ear. The fourth and fifth is inked on her hands and the sixth is said to be three large doves on her back.

50 Celebrity Tattoos | Stay At Home Mum
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This A tattoo on the back of her right ear is said to stand for the name of her son.

10) Christina Aguilera 

Xtina because, duh?

50 Celebrity Tattoos | Stay At Home Mum
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