15 Nifty Uses for Bread Tags

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15 Nifty Uses for Bread Tags

Bread tags are one of the ubiquitous things in life.

Apart from closing bread bags, you will also find them on tons of various supermarket items. How many plastic bread tags have you thrown out since the start of the year? Do you know that you can reuse them? Well, if you did not know that, worry no more because you have come to the right place! These 15 uses for bread tags are the best thing since…..sliced bread!!

1. Wine glass charms


There is no need to waste money all in the name of buying wine glass charms for your next dinner party or classy do, because you can create some from the simple bread tag! If you have same coloured bread tags in your house, write the names of each of the guests you are expecting. Alternatively, you can draw unique and beautiful designs on the tags using a permanent marker before any event.



You do not have to keep folding every page of the book so that you can start from the same place next time. The easiest and most effective way to do this is using bread tags. Besides helping you to locate the page, bread tags will keep your book in good condition.

3. Power cord labels


Identification which power cord goes with which appliance can be an absolute pain in the neck, especially if they are many. To avoid wasting time, label all the power cords with bread tags!

4. Mini scrapers


Although they are very flexible, bread tags are strong enough such that you can use them for scraping purposes. They can remove stickers, bits of dried wax from different surfaces as well as dried food from various corners of your house without breaking.

5. Marking the end of your piece of tape

It can take you ages just to locate the end of your rolled sticky tape. Rather than struggling to find the end, you can use bread tags to mark it.

6. Guitar picks

Always losing your guitar pick? You can hold a coloured bread tag on the notched end of your guitar and strum away with another one to allow for an easy guitar pick substitute!

7. Earbud holder

Wind all the earbuds in your house around bread tags to avoid cases of tangling when placed in a pocket or bag. This will make them easy to unravel any time you want to use them.

8. Plant Labels

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Are you a keen gardener? You can use bread tags to keep track of the growth of your plants. Just hook them onto the planter/pot or on the stem/branch of the plant. Great for veggie gardens!

9. Organising hair ties and rubber bands

To prevent your rubber bands or hair ties from tangling up, loop them into bread tags. You’ll probably stop losing them all the time too!

10. Organising spare keys

Some people spend hours at the door trying to identify which key to use. Instead of wasting time, use a permanent marker to write what each of the keys opens on bread tags and then put them on a keyring with the key.

11. Scrubber sponge

15 Uses for Bread Tags | Stay At Home Mum

Make your own scrubber sponge instead of buying one. You can turn any ordinary piece of sponge into a scrubber to help remove built up food on baking dishes etc by placing it into a mesh orange bag, then using a bread tag, clip it tightly.

12. Knitting placer

Do you love knitting? You can make knitting fun and easy by using tags. With bread tags, you do not have to worry about where you left off. You can put a bread tag to hold the area where you stopped so you can easily resume later on.

13. Resealing frozen food

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Use bread tags to seal frozen veggie bags once they’re opened. Much easier to use than rubber bands!

14. Hooking a pair of socks

Are your socks always missing their pair?  You can use bread tags to stick them together after washing and drying them, then pop them in your sock drawer!

15. Teaching Aid

You can use bread tags as counters in teaching math’s to little kids. They’re great to decorate and make adding and subtracting etc a bit more entertaining!


Bread tags are not useless as most people think because you can reuse them in different areas.

You can use bread tags for various purposes instead of leaving them to lie all over you home. So, next time you think about buying bread, do not throw the tags away.

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