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8 Shocking Facts About Circumcision in Our SocietyLadies And Gentlemen (Particularly You), The Truth Behind The Snip

For the parents of little boys, the question of whether to circumcise your child is a complex one, full of questions both ethical and health related.

We can’t make that decision for you, but we can tell you some things you probably didn’t know about circumcision.

1. The Very First Circumcision Occurred In Egypt


A quick history lesson on getting the snip! According to historical records, the first ever circumcision happened in Egypt around 2400 B.C. It’s referenced in a bas-relief in an ancient burial ground that shows a series of medical scenes. Interestingly, in later years, circumcisions were not done to babies at all, but rather to boys as they transitioned into adulthood. The procedure became part of them shedding their childhood innocence, and in cultures where circumcision exists, it is often a part of manhood rituals.

2. It’s More Complicated Than You Think

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Despite the name, the foreskin is actually more than just a piece of skin that can be cut away. Instead, it’s a little like an eyelid for the male genitals. On the inside, the foreskin consists of a mucous membrane, which creates a moist environment to allow for better lubrication (and possibly more pleasure) during sex. This means that circumcision is not so much about slicing off the skin, but detaching the foreskin from the rest of the genitals. While the procedure for circumcising someone might be fast, it certainly isn’t simple, which is why it should always be done (or not done at all) by a practising health professional in a sterile environment.

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