Guide on What to Write in a Wedding Card

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Guide on What to Write in a Wedding Card

Guide on What to Write in a Wedding Card

Looking for some inspiration and tips on wedding wishes? If you’ve already bought a perfect present for the happy couple, you might be wondering what to write in a wedding card. With all the texting and emails, the delicate task of wedding congratulations is getting more and more complicated.

Guide on What to Write in a Wedding Card | Stay at Home Mum


Wedding card messages for friends and family can be tricky – so let us give you a hand! Take a look at our tips on how to write the perfect wedding card and our collection of wedding wishes. First of all, a wedding card message depends a lot on your relationship with the couple. Its level of formality, length and style should fit the specific occasion. Before you start writing exact words for the wedding card, consider these points:

How Close are you to the Couple?

Close relatives, best friends, childhood buddies… You have so many memories to share! Make your card more personal by including sweet memories and quotes, that mean so much for you! Don’t be afraid to add a bit of playfulness with a secret joke you share. If your relationship is rather casual, keep the message brief and up to the point: ‘Best wishes on your marriage!’ will do just fine.

Guide on What to Write in a Wedding Card | Stay at Home Mum

Religious matters

Are the newlyweds-to-be religious? Are they Christians? If your answer is positive, then it might be wise to insert a Bible quote. If they belong to some other religion some spiritual wedding card verses might be your best choice! After all, “And now these three remain faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” (Corinthians 13:13)

What kind of people are the newlyweds?

What would they like best? A humorous message or a formal wedding wish? You know them, so it’s up to you to decide! If you are not sure about their tastes, better stick to something neutral. There are numerous wedding quotes for cards, you are sure to find the best for you! Just keep it nice and simple.

Guide on What to Write in a Wedding Card | Stay at Home Mum

How to address the couple?

Would they prefer a traditional Mr. and Mrs. X, or will their first names be enough? Anyway, don’t forget that it takes two to tango, and so DO mention both newlyweds in your card, even if you are friends with only one of them.

Are you going to be Present at the Nuptials?

If you are going to be there, don’t forget to thank the couple for this wonderful opportunity to share their happiness. ‘Congratulations, it means so much to be a part of your big day!’ If you can’t come in person, a wedding card is the means to communicate your sincere wishes to the newlyweds. Don’t forget to mention how sorry you are for non-being there, if you won’t be able to make it. ‘Congratulations on your big day. Wish I could be there to witness it’.

When you represent a family/community

If you are writing a card on behalf of several people, do mention all of them in the card. Also, it is a good tradition for everyone mentioned to sign the card personally. It is especially relevant if you the person who invited you to the wedding is your colleague.

Wedding Card Templates

If you are still unsure what to say in a wedding card, don’t be too shy to use free templates you can find online. They have the outline of what to write in a wedding card, so you won’t need to think about organizing your thoughts.

Guide on What to Write in a Wedding Card | Stay at Home Mum

Just follow a few basic steps one by one. The most basic template can be described in 4 clear points:

  • From (name) to (couple) on (reason for this card) – do add adjectives to make your intro more emotional. Example: To the most amazing couple on their wedding day.
  • Remember when we (first met/such and such wonderful thing happened)?
  • As the book/wise man/The Bible said (insert a quote about love/family/relationship
  • May your marriage be happy and last forever!

Get Personal

If you are not sure, what kind of story will fit in (in the template above it is the second point), consider some anecdote or quotation that will be meaningful for the couple. It can be a story from growing up together if you are a relative, or a bonding experience if you are a coworker. If you are not so close, choose a quote that really resonates with you or just some simple, cheerful message.

Guide on What to Write in a Wedding Card | Stay at Home Mum

Be sincere

Although there are some rules and templates, remember, that your words should come from your open heart. If you don’t like something don’t write it. After all, the question of what to write in a wedding card has only one answer: whatever you write, be sincere.

Remember, that for the happy couple this day is the beginning of their new life together. Wish them joy, love, happiness, laughter, wisdom and all other positive things that you consider important for a good marriage.


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