7 Reasons To Grow Your Muff OutRock The Full Bush In True 70s Style, For These Amazing Reasons

In the last few decades, despite the unavoidable nature of our bodies producing hair in our genital regions, it’s become very uncool to have pubic hair.

At some point, having a bush was seen as dirty, smelly, yukky and embarrassing.

To be honest, we aren’t really sure how that happened, but we know damn well that ain’t nobody going to pressure us to do anything. So we thought we’d share a little bit of muff love. That is, we want you to know why your downstairs carpet is actually something to love not to shave. Buckle up ladies, and tuck in those flyaways, because here we go!

7 Reasons To Grow Your Muff Out


1. Those Pubes Are There For A Reason

Nature doesn’t mess around in the design of anything. When it comes to the human body, things are in certain places for a reason, and pubic hair is no exception. The vagina is a pretty delicate thing, made from a mucus membrane that is a lot more fragile than the rest of the skin in the body. So the hair that grows downstairs serves a pretty important purpose in terms of protecting your genitals. For one, and this is just one, the hair stops your vaginal folds from sticking together, something that results in nasty rashes and infections.

2. Hair Protects From STDs (And More)

Grow Your Pubic Hair Out | Stay at Home Mum

STDs are spread through skin to skin contact. Well, in the world of STD avoidance, the pubic hair is just one more barrier that those STDs have to go through. The reason that it’s smart to keep your bush is that when you remove the hair, you leave microscopic tears all over your vaginal skin. You might not be able to see them, but all hair removal techniques result in some kind of damage like this. These tears represent a highway direct to the vagina, leaving you at risk of HPV, HIV and other skin viruses. Women without hair are also more likely to contract cellulitis and staph infections.

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