14 Male Celebrities Who Were Hot Then and Are Hotter Now

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14 Male Celebrities Who Were Hot Then and Are Hotter Now

They were the male teen stars then that we just couldn’t get enough of. Fast forward to today, they are now the ones that make us feel like teens!

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Hollywood introduced these sexy men to us as fresh-faced actors that would soon melt the hearts of girls. They proved themselves worthy of Hollywood fame, these celebrities never failed to swoon both girls and once girls, now women, with their raw sexiness. Here are the 14 male celebrities who just keep on getting hotter with age.

Johnny Depp

He is the versatile actor who remains well-loved by many despite playing odd roles such as Edward Scissorhands, the unusual candy maker in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the famous Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, and more. He makes weird sexy….and sexy weird!
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Hugh Jackman

He was PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2008. Who would’ve thought that his once boy-next-door looks have become so ruggedly handsome as he saves the world as the iconic X-Men superhero, Wolverine.

Ryan Reynolds

From his teenybopper days, Ryan Reynolds grew up to be voted the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine in 2010. And now as a husband and dad, he just gets sexier and makes me all hot and bothered! You too?

Ryan Gosling

Hey girl…….This accomplished jazz guitarist and singer-actor looks like he hasn’t aged a bit.


George Clooney

From his days in “ER” to one of today’s most respected Hollywood actors, George Clooney is a silver fox! Rawr!

Gerard Butler

This beefed-up ‘300’ Scottish star was once a singer and stage actor. I could watch him and listen to him recite the dictionary all day….sigh!

Channing Tatum

This commercial model-turned-actor stepped up his game and has become one of today’s sexiest actors. He’s got the moves!


Matt Damon

This ‘Jason Bourne’ star once attended Harvard University as an English major, but dropped out to pursue his acting career. Probably a good move as he is one of today’s sought after Hollywood actors.

Ben Affleck

This chin-dimpled charmer who always dreamed of being an actor since he was born is really a born actor as he becomes one of today’s best actors and directors.

Matthew McConaughey

His curly light brown hair and soft blue eyes never failed to capture women from all over the world…even now. Alright alright alright!


Chris Evans

Best known for his superhero roles, ‘Captain America’ star Chris Evans admitted to hitting the gym once when he found out he had to take off his shirt for a teen movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio

From his role as Jack in the top-grossing film, ‘Titanic’, Leonardo DiCaprio has now focused his efforts not only into acting but in environmental and humanitarian causes.

Brad Pitt

With his chiseled, strong jawline and bold blue eyes, Brad Pitt is the ultimate hunk of all time.5

Robert Downey Jr.

This ‘Ironman’ star has managed to remain fresh even after over four decades in the industry, from the time he swooned girls for his role in ‘Heart and Souls’ in 1993 to the muscular and sexy Iron Man today.



Who among these hot male celebrities do you think have always been hot?

14 Male Celebrities Who Were Hot Then and Are Hotter Now | Stay at Home Mum


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