The 10 Most Evil Clowns In Horror Movies

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The 10 Most Evil Clowns In Horror Movies

They are all creepy, twisted and evil clowns out to get you…

Well sorta, they are definitely memorable characters, that’s for sure. Some of them are even based on real-life killer evil clowns. Eeeeeek no thank you!

Let the Heebie Jeebie’s begin…

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1. ‘Sideshow Bob’ – The Simpsons

Look: Giant red hair, evil grin and long pin head.

Played By: Kelsey Grammer

Slideshow bob is a popular character form the Simpsons TV show. Sideshow bob actually graduated from Yale though ended up as a sideshow act to krusty the clown and ended up receiving so much abuse from krusty that he began plotting revenge on how to frame krusty.

Though Bart Simpson ruined this plan and sideshow bob ended up going to prison where he constantly attempts to escape and has tried to kill Bart numerous times. Pure evil.

Sideshow Bob has featured in many of the Simpson’s series and is a popular character. His feud with Bart is still on going.

2. Billy the Puppet – Saw

Look: Seriously freaky red eyes, and evil moving dummy mouth with a hard masked face.

Played By: John Kramer/ Tobin Bell

A ventriloquist clown dummy. Umm yeah nah, no thank you! the producers that thought up this creepy doll are seriously sickos. Billy the clown puppet is used throughout the Saw movies (all eight of them). He was made for an unborn child until the pregnant mother was hit with a revolving door, unfortunately, killing the baby.

As a consequence, the dolls purpose changes to becoming a messenger for the instructions of the traps Kramer makes for his victims. Billy also rides a creepy red tricycle. That alone is enough to freak me out.

Billy also rides a creepy red tricycle. That alone is enough to freak me out. John Kramar had a fantastic voice for Billy though in recent movies was voiced by Tobin Bell.

3. ‘Pogo the Clown’ – Gacy

Look: Rough ruffled clown suit, overly heavy face make up and big red mouth painted across his face.

Played By: Mark Holton

What is worse than a creepy clown?  A serial killer posing as a creepy clown. Gacy the movie is based on the real-life events of John Wayne Gacy who was at first seen as a model citizen who posed as a clown for kids’ parties. He had kids of his own and was a great husband to his family.

Little did everyone know that Pogo the Clown had thirty bodies buried underneath his house before police investigators caught the creepy clown. He murdered each of them by luring them into his house and strangling and stabbing them.

Gacy has been noted as one of the top scariest clown movies to date because of its very real storyline. There have been numerous versions of Gacy but the original is still the freakiest.

The 10 Most Evil Clowns In Horror Movies I Stay at Home Mum

4. ‘Twisty’ – American Horror Story: Freak Show

Look:  Prosthetic Grinning Mask, dirty clown suit, carries a sack full of juggling pins.

Played By:  John Carroll Lynch

Twisty made his debut on our screens in American Horror Story: Freak Show.  The story is that a young Twisty was dropped on his head as a baby, which permanently affected his mental capacities.  His parents sold him to a passing carnival, where he became Twisty – the most popular clown the children have ever seen.

However, a couple of totes jelly Dwarfs started a rumour about Twisty that he was molesting children at the carnival. When he left and could no longer find work as a clown, he attempted suicide by putting a shotgun to his jaw.  He survived and covered the catastrophic injuries to his face with a mask.

American Horror Story producers have announced that Twisty will make another appearance in the latest season: American Horror Story: Cult

The 10 Most Evil Clowns In Horror Movies I Stay at Home Mum

5. ‘Killjoy’ – The Killjoy Series

Look: Massive ripper teeth and large sadistic smile with crazy bouts of hair.

Played By: Trent Haaga

Killjoy is a demonic clown that plots revenge on his enemies and victims. Killjoy starts out as a clown doll that is cursed with black magic by a boy named Micheal who is abducted and killed by a group of gangsters.

Micheal takes form as the clown doll through the black magic and picks off his enemies one by one. It’s creepy as heck. Why did it have to be a clown!?

Killjoy has appeared in numerous sequels, the latest being in 2016, Killjoy’s Psycho Circus. The movies keep getting creepier and creepier.

6. ‘The Joker’ – The Dark Knight

Look: A rough patchy clown make up job, greasy hair and a heavy, wide, red smile.

Played By: Heath Ledger

The most realistic of the clowns. The joker is a crime fiend who loves to disrupt social order and is even so evil has blown up hospitals. He wears heavy make-up like a clown to cover the scars given to him by his abusive father who cut up his lips across his cheeks to give him a permanent smile after being “too serious” as a child.

Not as creepy as the others but definitely just as evil.

The Joker has a freaky look because his make-up is constantly rubbing off and looks like his face is always melting. He is a very much loved character from the movie but still has his freaky side to him.

7. Pennywise – IT

Look: Creepy colorful jumpsuit with a white face, receding hair line and a big red nose.

Played By:  Tim Curry, Bill Skarsgard

Not only is Pennywise one of the creepiest clowns in history, but he is also still one of the most iconic. What’s worse is that Pennywise is really a freaky creature from the sewers that stalks and eats children and only turns into a clown to become every child’s worst nightmare. Once the creature awakens, bouts of violence break out around the town as Pennywise sets out to feed on anything in his path. Every kid and most adults feared clowns that little bit more after watching this film.

The original movie Pennywise appeared in, IT, was produced in 1990 and Pennywise was played by Tim Curry (you might know as Frankenfurter out of The Rocky Horry Picture Show.  A new version is about to be released with Bill Skarsgard reprising the role.  Bill is the younger brother of Trueblood Hottie – Alexander Skarsgard.

8. ‘Psychotic Clown’ – All Hallows Eve

Look: Creepy white mask, black lips and snarling sharp teeth.

Played By: Mike Giannelli

Argh, this one is creepy. On the night of Halloween, after trick and treating three kids find tapes in the candy bag, while watching the tapes a clown-like creature called “The Art Clown” abducts three women who wake up in chains next to each other.

Other demonic Halloween creatures come into the room and kill two of the women whilst one is left to be raped and give birth to another freaky creature, in the next film a woman is stalked by alien-like creatures and abducted and killed one again with the Art clown in the background.

The third film reveals the art clown stalking a young girl who has stopped at a gas station where the clown hacks up the store attendant with a hacksaw. What an absolute creeper, I’d rather stay indoors for Halloween.

All hallows eve is the most twisted of clown movies and was released in 2013.

The 10 Most Evil Clowns In Horror Movies I Stay at Home Mum

9. ‘Serial Killer Clown’ – 100 tears

Look: Blood stained white outfit, white painted face and half a bald clown head.

Played By: Joe Davison

Much like Twisty the Clown, this clown finds himself alone and full of rage after being abandoned by his circus and accused of rape. He goes on a murderous rampage and he can’t stop himself from doing it.

Murder upon murder this clown is ruthless and seeks to find his enemies that unjustly ruined his life. It’s a horror thriller for sure.

Young adults from town attempt to stop him though this only leads them into an abandoned warehouse where they find themselves in all sorts of trouble. This killer clown is not one to mess with.

10. ‘Wasco’ – The legend of Wasco

Look: Covered in blood with zombie yellow eyes and course red hair.

Played By: Arthur Cullipher

Wasco is one freaky clown. As two brothers start out by making mock videos of the once-lived Wasco the clown by dressing up as him and posting them on social media they awaken the real Wasco the clown who comes to their town to terrorize all.

The murders are countless and horrendous, this clown has no mercy. The two boys have to find a way to survive and send Wasco back to the grave. ‘

The legend of Wasco was released in 2015 and has been known as one of the most gruesome clown characters ever.

That’s enough clowns for today…

The 10 Most Evil Clowns In Horror Movies | Stay At Home Mum

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