9 Single Parenting Tips To Remain In Control

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9 Single Parenting Tips To Remain In Control

Being a single parent is one of the most challenging tasks out there because you have to balance work and home life and you may feel like you never get a break.

After a long day at work, you will need to take care of the kids without any assistance from a partner. This can lead to a lack of structure and control that can leave both you and the kids feeling isolated and frustrated.

However, if you are a single parent, then there are some ways to stay in control of the situation and work towards a balanced home, work and family life. Here are our single parenting tips to get you started.

1. Focus on routine.

It can be hard setting up a routine, especially if your work schedule is all over the place.

Aim to include time for homework, meal time and a one-on-one time with each of your child into your daily schedule to help with sharing time together and connecting with your children.


2. Help your child with their homework.

Spend half an hour each night helping your child with their homework.

If they are too little for homework or do not have any, then use this time to read together, draw or even watch television together. The key is to spend this time together.

3. Aim to have one meal a day as a family.

Dinner often works the best, but if you are working a late shift, then try to have breakfast together. Use this time to talk about your day, plans for tomorrow, etc. Make sure there are no distractions, such as the television and phones. Make a rule that there is no texting at the table.

4. Have a one-on-one time with each of your child.

Focus also in spending 15 minutes a day with each child separately.

This may include reading a story together at the end of the night, doing a puzzle or working on a project together.

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5. Make Sunday a ‘family day’.


If Sunday doesn’t work for you, then try another day. And if the entire day won’t work, then aim to spend three hours together as a family, every week. Use this time to go for a walk, go to the movies or get out of the house and do something.

Take turns picking the activity for family day so that everyone gets to do something they enjoy. For example, your eldest may want to see a movie on his day of choice while your little one may choose to go to the park when it is his pick. Whatever the activity, make sure you spend it together.

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