How to Lower Your Wedding Costs

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How to Lower Your Wedding Costs

Lower your Wedding Costs | Stay at Home to know how to lower your wedding costs?


Say the word ‘wedding’ to any party planner or venue and you can expect the fees to multiply before your eyes. Having a wedding, regardless of how you do it, is going to be expensive. Even if you make the cake yourself, if you buy a second hand gown and if you have the ceremony in your backyard, you still have to consider food, decorations and a wedding celebrant not to mention a photographer, hair and makeup, suits and much more. If you’ve always wanted a beautiful wedding but are concerned about what this could mean for your future, then here are some ways to get the dream wedding without living a nightmare of debt”¦

Saving on Decorations

When it comes to wedding decorations you will most likely need a number of different items, including tablecloths, centrepieces, flowers, chair covers and more. You can hire these items out or you can get a wedding planner to plan all of these things for you. However, you can expect to be paying a small fortune just to have the seat covered. One way to save is to consider buying these items online through companies such as eBay. This is especially a good option if you are inviting several guests. You can buy chair covers, chair sachets, tablecloths, centrepieces and other items for the tables, table placemats and candles for a fraction of the cost from Australian sellers or even overseas. Then, once you have finished with the items, simply resell them.

Saving on a Venue

There are a number of places you can choose to get married. Many will look to having the ceremony and reception at the same place, such as a hotel. However, you can also look at splitting the ceremony and reception up. Why not look into a free park, beach or other outdoor venue that will offer a beautiful setting without the price tag? As for the venue, as soon as you mention the word ‘wedding’ you can expect several extra fees (venue hire, personal waiters, etc.). While you can lie and say you are hosting a party, you may find out How To Lower Your Wedding Costs | Stay at Home Mumthat the restaurant will refuse services when you show up in a wedding gown.

However, you can save by comparing and shopping around. Look for a venue that does not offer a venue hire fee or one that allows you to book the restaurant (or most of it) without having to pay extra. You can also look at having the reception somewhere outside but you need to consider bringing your own tables, chairs and food which can also bring up the total cost. Think outside the box there is no rule that says you have to have a three course dinner at a fancy restaurant. Maybe you would be happier with a barbecue or have the wedding at home with some friends catering or something else a little out there.

Saving on the Extras

You don’t want to sacrifice your dream day for something less than fantastic. So write down a list of the things that cannot be negotiated, whether this is the perfect gown, the right photographer or the exact church. If this means spending a little more on these perfect items, then so be it. You can find other ways to cut corners by getting crafty, shopping online or looking into second hand options. There are ways to get your dream day without having to pay for it for the rest of your life.

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