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If you’ve heard of the term ‘podcast’ before, but you really don’t have any idea what they are or why so many people are interested in them, this article is for you.

In the last few years, podcasts have reached new levels of popularity, with some series not only being downloaded all over the world, but highly anticipated by thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of people.

Basically, a podcast is like radio, except that each podcast is a single series (think of a radio show) and they’re available on demand. However, while radio is aimed at the broad audience (which is why it’s called a broadcast), podcasts can appeal to a very specific audience. Radio stations struggle to compete with podcasts because there are only so many stations, which limits the content that can be released, but there’s no limit on podcast shows.

There are pros and cons to this. For one, it might be difficult for you to find a podcast that you really enjoy, while it can be a lot easier to turn on broadcast radio and just have a listen. However, the specific and targeting podcast series can be truly addictive, and if you give them a go, you might find them to be your ‘go to’ entertainment from now on.

So, podcasts are like radio but without all the things that annoy you about radio. Yes, there are advertisements on some of the larger shows, but it is such a small amount that they almost can’t be compared at all. And, unlike radio, you can listen to the podcasts any time that you want, stop if you get interrupted, and then pick up again right where you left off, anytime.

Why They’re Addictive?

1. There’s So Many

It’s hard for us to estimate just how many podcasts there are out there, but you’re definitely going to be spoiled for choice. Unlike radio, podcasts are posted online and they stay there. So that means you can listen to podcasts from years ago just as easily as you can listen to ones released yesterday. That means you have even more choice than you thought, so there’s no excuse not to try it.

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2. It’s A Community

Podcasts are released online and most podcasts have an associated website. This means that, whether it’s in comments or forums, or even on Facebook, there’s a community of other listeners online. For people who like to give their feedback on shows, to connect with other listeners, and to provide ideas for podcast creators, there’s so many opportunities to do so.

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3. You Have The Control

The major issue that we have with radio shows is that they’re difficult to get through in one sitting. When you have kids, as we’re sure you all know, sitting down for 40+ minutes is a dream at best. So because podcasts can be stopped and started any time, we’re more able to actually listen to them. Also awesome is that if we aren’t feeling a particular episode of the show, we can just skip it!

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4. They’re Regular

Podcasting is a competitive area now, and podcast creators know this. So, one of the things they’re known for is getting podcasts out on a very regular basis. If you’re a binge personality, this means it’s easy to get your fix on a regular basis. Of course, it also means that some podcast series are over pretty quick, but new ones arrive every day!

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