25 Christmas Wreaths to Drool Over

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25 Christmas Wreaths to Drool Over

25 Christmas Wreaths to Drool Over

Fresh and creative ways to bring some twists to your Christmas wreaths this year!

1. The Martha Stewart Wreath

Jesus Martha.  Like I’ll ever make that.  I mean, it’s pretty and all, but I’d rather slit my wristscom with a spoon then take the time to make this with the kids.

via lkotshnews.com

2. Flower Wreath

Awwww so pretty.  And it will die in the Australian heat in about 30 seconds. #justdon’t

via diy.allwomenstalk.com

3. Put your initials on your wreath!

The ultimate in ‘Wanky Wreaths’.  Mostly found on the doors of Instagram Models and Beauty Bloggers. Again, just don’t.

via tabunightclub.com

4. Dull Colour Wreaths

Or just dull. Like brown, talking about the weather, Justice Crew and articles on Christmas Wreaths.

via homelifeorganization.blogspot.com

5. Buttons-filled wreaths

Find buttons all year around.  Glitter may be the herpes of the art world, but buttons must be the syphilis of the sewing world.

via bobbieshome.nl

6. The Glitter Wreath with flowers and ribbons

See above Re: Herpes of the Craft World.

via paolajimenez.design

7. Playful-themed wreath

Hmmm I think elves are scarier than clowns… but if you want to scare the kids, go right ahead! Personally I’d replace it with a dolls head with the eyes removed.

8. One Dominant Colour Wreath

There is one place to be dominant.  And the front door isn’t that place.

via etsy.com

9. Classic Wreath

The type you buty at Spotlight or Lincraft, but shitter.

via livemaster.ru

10. Wreath made out of corks

Now this is more like it – provided those corks are actually yours!

via ypublico.com

11. White Christmas Wreath

Sprinkle your front door wreath with a little cocaine for that special touch!

via 88homedecor.com

12. Cartoon-themed wreath

Nothing says ‘I still live with my Mummy’ than going to the trouble of putting Peanuts on a Christmas Wreath.

via viviantang.co

13. Animal on your Wreath

Don’t use a real owl.  People hate that.

via etsy.com

14. Gingerbread man-themed wreath

I can’t think about anything funny for this one.  If you can – send me an email.

via missclub.info

15. The Ballet Dress Wreath

**shivers with disgust** No.

via etsy.com

16. Elongated wreath

Like a wedding bouquet, but more depressing. Wonder what would happened if I threw this at my family on Christmas Day???

via etsy.com

17. Colour-stimulating wreath

Hmmmm stimulating…… I think it would be more interesting if you put a variety of coloured vibrators on the front door!

via etsy.com

18. Snowman on a door? Yes please!

I put snowman in the same category as elves and clowns.  Freaky as fuck.

via forcreativejuice.com

19. For the minimalist people!

An even more minimalist idea is no Christmas Wreath at all!

via peonyandbee.tumblr.com

20. Ornament wreath

This is so incredibly shit that I would throw eggs at it.

via picmia.com

21. Cold Wreath

Cold. Like my dead heart.

via etsy.com

22. Candy Mint Wreath

Can you eat it? This is what my brain is thinking when I’m reading about Christmas Wreaths on the internet.

via picmia.com

23. Reuse your old things to add on your wreath

No tampons please.

via doordecorate.net

25. What better thing to place in your wreath than the Nativity?

Umm I can think of a million things.  Bourbon, Dean from Supernatural, anything!

via etsy.com

What creative design did you use for your Christmas wreaths? Share them here!

25 Christmas Wreaths to Drool Over Pinnable

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