Just How Often Should I Wash It? (Free Printable Inside!)

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Just How Often Should I Wash It? (Free Printable Inside!)

In keeping the house running, sometimes it’s not always a question of what — but of when.

Time is gold, and we shouldn’t waste it asking questions like “Should I wash the jeans I wore yesterday?” or “Am I washing my hair often enough?”

So, we came up with this pretty neat guide on when to wash just about everything — from your face to your oven.

Life’s just simpler that way, right?

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This should be pretty obvious. Personal items like shirts, blouses and underwear should be washed every. Single. Day. Because, well, hygiene! Imagine going on a day with unwashed knickers on. Ugh, just the thought of it  gave me goosebumps— and not the good kind. Your face and teeth should be on your everyday list for the very same reason. Wash and brush them nice and clean to keep them healthy and dirt-free.

Likewise, items that touch food like your tea towels and dishcloths should be washed everyday, too.


These items are not used as frequently or as heavily as your undies, but they still deserve a wash every few days to keep them clean and odour-free.

These are your towels, pyjamas, pants and the like. Shampooing everyday can also make your hair dry, so It’s good to give it a few days in between every wash. That way, your hair retains the natural oils that keep it healthy and glowing.

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These bad boys are more heavy duty than the first couple of items on the list. They can withstand dirt and damage more, but still need to be changed and cleaned on a weekly basis. These include your bed sheets and pillow cases. Keep them nice and fresh by giving them a wash at least once a week. Throw in your jeans and dressing gown here too. Jeans are tougher and are usually more resilient against dirt— but don’t wear the same pair for more than a week without giving it a thorough trip around the washer.


Here’s a monthly task for you or the hubby: wash the doona cover. Your mattress protectors. And while you’re at it, have a go at the car and dishwasher too. This can be time-consuming but it can also serve as your monthly tune up. This way, you can check if  everything’s still in their proper working order and fix any glitch before they become a major pain in the ass. Give them a thorough cleaning and make sure all those nasty places are scrubbed clean. Don’t forget the inside of your handbag, too! It’s not something we think about but they need to be cleaned at least once a month as well.


Well, sometimes you just have to wing it and let your woman instincts take over. The dog,  for example. That’s not something you can put a real schedule on, especially if you’ve got a very active and outdoorsy canine. The oven can be one of these things, too. Mums who are into baking a lot of goodies may need to clean it out more often versus mums who like ordering out. Other items on this list include curtains, windows, the carpet and your pillows.

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You’re welcome.

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