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Best Sex Machine and Sex Furniture for Bedroom Adventurous


I’m not a gal that is easily shocked…. and I’ve been around the block a few times. But doing ‘research’ (bahahah) recently, I came across a new breed of sex toys, sex furniture and sex machines that I’ve never seen commercially available in day to day sex shops.  I thought I’d show you some of the more… interesting ones….  Enjoy and be shocked!

The Cowgirl Vibrating Saddle

The Cowgirl is the next big thing in vibrators and sex furniture. Classified as a ‘Sex Machine’ it is crafted from vegan leather (so an eco-friendly sex toy) and has a one-of-a-kind padded saddle seat with a slip resistant base.  The Cowgirl can hold up to 181kg in weight and comes with two different silicone ‘attachments’ atop the saddle. It gives the rider a huge 1200 rpm of rotating and vibratoing power, 360 degrees swivel rotation and six variable speeds.

It even comes with its own App and can be controlled from anywhere in the world (so fantastic for long distant couples!).

Ride him up cowboy!

How much does it cost?

$1994.95.  This is perhaps the most expensive vibrator I have ever seen!



A Hopper Ball with a Dildo Attached at the Top

Remember those bouncy balls you played with as a kid? Well here is the adult sex furniture version….. Don’t let the kids find this one in your cupboard!  Bounce your way to bliss with this multi-speed vibrator made of easy to clean vinyl and handles so you don’t fall off!

I really can’t imagine a grown-up bouncing around the bedroom on this without laughing!

How Much?

It is priced at $59.99


Vibrating Inflatable Sex Ball with 6" Dildo

The LoveBotz Double Penetration Warming Sex Machine

Ummmm I don’t even….  Perhaps just click on the link below and read the description for yourself….    I’m blushing! Very wude!

How much?




Athenas Single & Double Penetration Warming Sex Machine

The Lelo Black Zing Limited Edition 13 Piece BDSM Kit

This super naughty kit comes in a black leather suitcase (hopefully lockable so the kiddies don’t get in there).  It contains spankers, massagers, shackles, floggers, anal beads and butt plugs.  Fifty shades of naughtiness!

How much?



Black Zinc Limited Edition 15th Anniversary BDSM Kit (13 Pce)

The Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Furniture Stool

Essentially a bum trampoline with a vibrator attached….

How much?




Dildo-Compatible Sex Stool


An Intimate Couples Swing Set

This grown-up swing set is free-standing piece of sex furniture and can hold up to 200kg in weight.  It is made from heavy-duty tubular steel and has loads of stability.  Only takes 10 minutes to ‘Erect’!

How Much?




Fetish Fantasy Swing Stand


A Leather Sex Bench

An ergonomically shaped bench for naughty stuff. Like a massage sex table – wtih stirrups.

How Much?




Faux Leather Sex Bench with Adjustable Restraints


The LoveBotz Glider Self Sex Machine

Like a rowing machine, but has a dildo at the end for a happy ending!  A great way to get great abs!

How much?




Glider Self-Love Machine


The Rodeo Rider

Similar to The Cowgirl above, but apparently this ‘ejaculates’. That’s some classy sex furniture.

How Much?



Ejaculating Sex Machine with Remote Control & complete two dildos


The Couples Double Ended Sex Machine

This one took me quite awhile to get my head around it…  So – it is to be used by couples at the same time – one at each end.  It’s funny because in the shop description, it says more about how easily transportable this is, but imaging it getting picked up by airport security?

How Much?



International Couples Love Machine

Seems the old vibrator has come a very long way in the last few years!

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