List of Jewellery Wholesalers for Small Businesses

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List of Jewellery Wholesalers for Small Businesses

List of Low-Cost Jewellery Wholesalers

Low cost jewellery wholesalers include faux diamonds, beads, lower cost production or costume jewellery wholesalers.

Diamond Veneer

  • Based in the United States

Diamond Veneer sell cubic zirconia jewellery with a veneer of carbon diamond particles that ‘crystalize’ around the entire stone which results in a flawless ‘G’ colour faux diamond.

Check out their range here >

The best simulated diamonds & diamond coated cubic zirconia jewelry in the world!

Mignon and Mignon

  • Based in USA
  • Personalised Jewellery

Mignon and Mignon offers handmade pieces of jewellery that are inspired by special moments as it lives by the quote, ‘Cherish the simple things’. Its purpose is to provide a memento that will make someone remember the meaningful things in their life.

Mignon and Mignon’s products are minimalist, versatile, for everyday wear, classic, and chic. They specialise in:

  • Personalised Initial Necklace
  • Custom Name Necklace
  • Bar Necklace


  • 20% off on selected items


List of Jewellery Wholesalers for Small Businesses

Sun vs Moon

  • Low-Cost Jewellery

Sun vs Moon offers affordable minimalist boho handmade jewellery. The cheapest costs AU$5. It also sells pendants for as low as AU$6. It is Adelaide-based and was established in 2014.

Some of the products you can find in Sun vs Moon page include:

  • Infinity Necklace
  • Sterling Silver Necklace
  • Rainbow Moonstone Necklace
  • Bar Necklace


List of Jewellery Wholesalers for Small Businesses

Crystal Eclipse Crowns

  • Low Cost Jewellery

Crystal Eclipse Crowns sells products that are quartz-based. While there are already-made products on the page, it also gives the customers the privilege to choose their own design through its ‘made to order’ type of service. Everything is handcrafted and can be customised, making each product unique.

You can find there:

  • Necklace
  • Tiara
  • Headband
  • Hair Pin


List of Jewellery Wholesalers for Small Businesses

Pebble and Stone Store

Pebble and Stone Store sells jewellery pieces that are personalised, which you can send as a gift to anyone. The products are made with raw stones and electroforming, and each detail is crafted delicately. You can find their pieces of jewellery for every birthstone.

Pebble and Stone Store’s product price ranges from AU$85.88 to AU$392.36. You can find there, among others:

  • Teardrop Necklace
  • Dangle Earrings
  • Stud Earrings


  • Free delivery on all items


List of Jewellery Wholesalers for Small Businesses

Charms LA

  • Low-Cost Jewellery

Charms LA is all about charms that can be used as a pendant for necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and so on. Everything is affordable, ranging from AU$0.74 to AU$177.67. There are antiques, birthstones, letters, and animals, and you can also buy products in bulk so you can save more, just like these:

  • 50 Pieces Antique Silver Lottery Pendant for AU$14.79
  • 4 Pieces 3D Running Shoes for AU$4
  • 100 Pieces High-Quality Silver Jump Rings for AU$2.52


  • 30%, 40%, and 50% off on selected products
  • Bulk and set orders


List of Jewellery Wholesalers for Small Businesses

Aiovlo Official Store

Aiovlo has everything you need wholesale to make your own jewellery at home or in your new small business. They specialise in:

  • Bulk Chains for Necklaces and Bracelets
  • Earring Clasps
  • Brooch Bases
  • Stainless Steel Spacers

Check out their range here >

Wholesale Gold Jewellery

2mm Gold Stainless Steel Twisted Chain Jewellery – US$3.70 per 2 meters


  • Based in China but has a warehouse in the United States
  • Very Fast Shipping

Offers Wholesale Dropshipping (so you don’t have to fork out for stock in advance).  Their range includes:

  • Fine jewellery
  • Men’s jewellery
  • Custom Jewellery

Check out their range here >


  • Offers wholesale jewellery and a dropshipping option

Zhouyang specialises in copper and cubic zirconia jewellery.  Their rings are particularly spectacular!

Check out their range here >

ZHOUYANG Wedding Ring Sets For Women Classic Round Cut AAA CZ Crystal Silver Color Fashion Jewelry Chirstmas Gift SR531 Rings | Stay at Home

Zhouyang Wedding Ring Sets – Only US$2.52 each

RaviMour Official Store

RaviMour have pearl hair accessories, headbands, dainty earrings and on-trend hairpins

Check out their range here >

wholesale pearl hair accessories

Pearl Hair Pins and Hair Clips for only US$3.32 from RaviMour

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