This Social Experiment’s Results Will Break Your Heart

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This Social Experiment’s Results Will Break Your Heart

Sexual predators have a new favourite playground: the internet.

We desire to protect our children from predators at all cost. After all, the amount of information about paedophiles, preferential child abusers and situational child abusers is overwhelming.

They are so overwhelming and inconceivable that we sometimes stop dead in our tracks to think of the best way of protecting our kids.

And then, enveloped in an air of false security, we allow ourselves to think that there is no way a sexual offender could ever come near them.

But the internet is an interesting, fun, and engaging place.

Young people know this, which is precisely what makes it dangerous..


Coby Persin is a 21-year old from New York who calls himself a “prankster.”

However, in his YouTube channel, which has over a million subscribers, he makes videos that spark discussions by shedding light on subject matters most of us are not comfortable discussing.

Recently, Persin conducted a social experiment on The Dangers of Social Media (Child Predator Social Experiment). It simply reveals just how easy it is to lure children. While most of us find comfort in the notion that we know our children well enough and the values that we teach them are always all intact, the video uncovers a different reality — one that is hard to swallow.

The experiment reveals this disturbing truth when it shows how children positively responded to complete strangers’ text messages and agreed to meet with them. The young people in this experiment even gave out their home addresses to these strangers.

“No, my children would never do that! I have taught them well!”

That’s exactly what these children’s parents had thought, and they were shattered by the realisation that their children are all potential victims. Out of fear and exasperation, one parent said:

“We’ve already lost your mother, what would we do if we lost you too?”

It takes one, just one, experiment to ask this question:

How well do you know your kids?

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