23 Grandparents Being Savage AF – So Hilarious!

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  • 23 Grandparents Being Savage AF – So Hilarious!

Grandparents are cute and adorable. They’re like toddlers yet they’re the best at spoiling their grandchildren.

But these text messages will prove to you that they can be savage, too!

They’ve earned the right to act so. They’ve lived long enough!

Grandparents make the cutest nicknames…  but not all. lol

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Someone got burned! 🔥🔥🔥

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Grandma just won’t let you eat breakfast first.

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Another cute nickname!

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Chillin like a villain!

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I guess it’s the thought that counts? 😅

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HAHA young at heart!

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To be fair, those do look like sperm.

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So weak! lol

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This is some pretty cool April Fool’s prank 😂

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It makes sense.

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Saved by the bell 😂

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Grandma’s got her priorities straight!

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New baby in the family and grandpa was like:

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Go Gramps!

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Savage AF! 🤣😶😶

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In the latest model!

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Grandma’s out with the girls!

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Want more funny stuff?

Parents texted their kids and it went hilariously wrong!

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These auto-correct fails are hilarious!

many texts - Imgur
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Check out Dads winning the internet here.

Via Bored Panda


23 Grandparents Being Savage AF | Stay At Home Mum

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