6 Unsolved Missing Persons Cases in AustraliaHave you seen these people?

6 Unsolved Missing Persons Cases in Australia

Australia has (horrifyingly) over 2,000 missing persons on their register.  Some are more high profile than others.  Think of the Beaumont Children that went missing in Glenelg Beach in 1966, Or Sarah Spiers who went missing in Perth in 1996.

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Another horrifying fact is that there are up to 500 sets of human remains archived across Australia that have not yet been identified.  We hope that with the rise of DNA technology, that these remains will be processed and their families notified.

Today we focus on just six of those 2,000 people.  Have you seen anything, heard anything?

Tanya Buckland

  • Missing from: Warwick, Queensland
  • Last Seen:  August 2013

Tanya Buckland who would now be 42 is 174cm tall, slim with light brown hair and hazel eyes.  She was last seen in Warwick in August 2013 and her family and friends have heard nothing from her since.  There are significant concerns for her safety and welfare.

It was reported in The Chronical  in January 2017 that Tanya had left a time-stamped photographer of herself and a letter to Police shortly after she vanished. It is claimed she had told her teenage daughter she was going away for a year and was headed to New South Wales.  Items belonging to Ms Buckland were found in triple-murderer Vincent O’Dempsey’s home, but Police did not know what, if any, involvement Tanya may have had with him.

Have you seen Tanya Buckland?

Missing Person Tanya Buckland (Radic or Walker)



Julie Cutler

  • Missing from: Perth, Western Australia
  • Last Seen: Monday June 20 1988

Julie Cutler was leaving the Parmelia Hilton Hotel in Perth in June 1988 after a Staff Function.  Her vehicle, a four-door Fiat was found days later in the surf at Cottesloe Beach.  Julie was last seen wearing a black evening dress with a high collar and gold buttons.

Ms Cutler’s disappearance 30 years ago sparked a huge manhunt and search for the young woman but nothing has been found.

Many suspect that Julie Cutler may have been one of the first victims of the Claremont Serial Killer. A suspect believed to be the Claremont Serial Killer will go to trial in 2019. No proof that the Claremont Serial Killer has anything to do with Ms Cutler’s disappearance is known at this stage.

Julie has a fair complexion, dark brown hair and blue/green eyes.

Have you seen Julie Cutler?

Missing Person Julie Cutler

Katrina Bohnenkamp

Missing From: Greenacre, New South Wales

Last Seen: Thursday October 25th, 2012

Year of Birth: 1997

Katrina would now be aged 21.  She has a thin build with black hair and brown eyes.  She was only 15 years old when she was last seen at her home located in Greenacre in New South Wales.  She left her residence about 6.10pm on the evening of October 25th 2012 and did not disclose to family or friends her destination.  Katrina has not been seen or heard from since.

Have you seen Katrina?

Missing Person Katrina Bohnenkamp

Rhianna Barreau

Missing Since: Wednesday October 7th 1992

Last Seen: Morphett Vale, SA

Rhianna Barreau was only 12 years old when she went missing from her home in Wakefield Avenue, Morphett Vale in South Australia.  Rhianna resided with her Mother and brother who were both away from the residence at the time.  Rhianna is believed to have left her house at 10.30 am to catch the bus to the nearby shopping centre to purchase a Christmas Card for her penpal. However the busses were on strike that day, so Rhianna had to walk.  A Christmas card was located in Rhianna’s home so it is known that Rhianna made it home.  When Rhianna’s mother returned at 4.10pm, there was no sign of the little girl and the house was locked. She has not been seen or heard from since.

At 4pm it is believed she was seen standing near the junction of David Terrace and Acre Avenue, alone. A Victorian registered white Torana was seen acting suspiciously in the area at this time whereby the driver attempted to abduct a 13 year old girl around the same time Rhianna went missing.  It is not known if the two incidents are related.

Rhianna has now been missing for 26 years.

Police do suspect Rhianna has been murdered.  There is currently a $1,000,000.00 reward for information leading to the arrest of Rhianna’s killer.

Have you seen Rhianna?

RHianna BARREAU Missing Person

Joanne Deason

Missing From: Gembrook, Victoria

Last Seen: Friday August 22nd 2003

Joanne would now be aged 46 years (born in 1972).  She has light brown hair and hazel eyes.  Joanne left her home in August 2003, leaving a note for her boyfriend of seven years that stated she was going to class at the North Melbourne Institute of Tafe’s Collingwood Campus where she was studying music performance. She noted that she  would return home in the evening. She was lasts seen at the Knox City Medicare Office. Joanne has not been seen since.

Ms Deason was believed to be suffering from extreme stress and depression at the time and was on medication. She had previously attempted suicide. It is not known if her condition had anything to do with her disappearance.

Have you seen Joanne?

Missing Person Joanne Deason

Joanne Anderson

Missing From: Mataranka, NT

Last Seen: Friday October 31st 2014

Joanne Anderson was born in 1977 (she would now be 41) and is 165cm tall with a medium build, dark hair and brown eyes.  She was last seen by her husband and other family at a large family function in Mataranka, Northern Territory.  On awakening the next morning, her husband could not locate Joanne and she has not been seen or heard from since.

Joanne was last seen wearing a black shirt and black shorts.  She has family links to Katherine but it is not known if she had available transport.  Her bank account, phone and email accounts have not been touched.

Have you seen Joanne?


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Missing Person Joanne Anderson


We will continue to report missing people, especially women and children in the next few weeks.

Please if you know anything, contact Crime Stoppers to report it – it just could be the lead they require to find them!

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