The Foolproof Way To Enjoy Long Family Road Trips

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The Foolproof Way To Enjoy Long Family Road Trips

Are we there yet? No.
Are we there yeeeeeet? No.
Are we there now? No.

Road trip. Visiting the family. Holiday. Whatever you want to call it, travelling in the car with kids is not a combination you want to endure for any longer than two hours at a time.

For many families who have holidays planned this summer, travelling long distance is seen as a chore that requires numerous games of “eye spy”, toilet stops and tantrums.

Well, that’s how they travelled in the 90s’ anyway.

Us parents have evolved since then and thanks to our good friend technology, we have come up with some pretty clever ideas when it comes to long road trips with the kids.

Our innovative thinking, planning and cunning entertaining ways have evolved so much in fact that car rides are no longer considered boring and are even looked at as fun.

Yes, we are talking about the power of movies on iPads, tablets and mobile phones. A miracle marathon of giggles, colourful cartoons and entertainment that will keep your children happy right up until you reach the destination.

It’s foolproof, I promise!

So to help you get road trip ready, here are a few tips to tick off your list before you hit the road.


1. Load Up!

With all your packing, food preparation and cleaning keeping you busy, it’s only natural to forget about entertainment for the kids in the car.

Never fear though, this process is as easy as searching for the Family Travel iTunes room and purchasing some of the popular movies on offer.

You can even build a digital movie library to give your kids hours of entertainment.

Movies such as Ice Age, Madagascar, the Shrek movies, Night At The Museum and Percy Jackson and the Olympians are just some of the favourites on offer.

The best part of buying movies online to save on your iPad or tablet is the price. From just $3.99, nothing cost over $10. So pretty much you can buy 10 hours of movie watching fun for just $20.

IA4-126 (l to r) -Flynn (Nick Frost), Squint (Aziz Ansari), Shira (Jennifer Lopez), Scrat, Gutt (Peter Dinklage), Silas (Alain Chabat), Raz (Rebel Wilson), and Dobson (no voice). Photo credit: Blue Sky Studios
Photo credit: Blue Sky Studios

2. Battery Life

Make sure to charge the battery of your iPad or tablet the night before you leave, ensuring there is at least 90% battery to start with.

It’s a good idea to pack a car charger as well, which you can swap and change between each device.

Movies generally don’t use too much battery life, but with any digital device they need power to work. You certainly don’t want to have to deal with an upset child whose tablet has turned off mid-way through Madagascar!


3. Snacks

I don’t know about you but whenever I sit down to a good movie all I want to do is munch away on snacks “” and the same can be said for children.

In fact, it is believed a child’s attention span will last longer when they have food in their hands “” not that they will need it with the amazing range of movies on offer through the Family Travel iTunes room.

4. Talk It Up

Encouraging the kids to enjoy a long road trip is no easy feat, but it can be done!

Give your enthusiastic vocal chords a big workout three days before the trip, talking up the family adventure in the car and the array of movies they will get to watch. Keep this up until you’re in the car and on the road.

Hopefully they buy it!


5. Let Them Pick The Movies

Sitting down with your children to sort through the movie choices for the trip will not only excite them, it ensures that the movies are ones they will enjoy.

Log into the Family Travel iTunes room and look through the extensive selection with your children, loading up your device with an abundance of entertainment goodness.


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